Android Zwift Companion App not passing along Heart Rate BPM

Recently I changed my Zwift setup in order to take advantage of the video output and create an immersive experience. My default setup was simple and consisted of an Android Phone running the Zwift app connected to my Training Equipment all using their Bluetooth connections. This setup worked flawlessly. My new immersive replaced the Android Phone with a Windows 11 mini PC connected to a TV.

After doing some research I decided to buy a reasonably priced mini PC and have my Training Equipment connect to it via the Companion App acting as a connection bridge. In this setup I was able to connect to all my Training Equipment successfully, however, I noticed that my Heart Rate Monitor was showing 0 BPM where as in the Zwift App for Android it should a valid BPM.

Below is a screenshot of my setup in the Zwift Android App showing BPM being reported:

And below is my setup on the Zwift PC App using the Zwift Companion App as the Bluetooth bridge (note I was using remote desktop via a laptop to get this picture):

Given what I am seeing I’m guessing there is a simple bug either in the Zwift PC or Companion app which is resulting in a hard coded zero being displayed. I’ve been going back and forth with a Zwift Support via Contact Support and they have recommend that I post this issue on the forum to see if anyone else has experienced a similar issue and if the community is interested in seeing the Zwift developers resolve it.

Zwift Training Equipment:

  • Smart Trainer: Wahoo Kickr Snap
  • Cadence Sensor: Wahoo RPM Bike Cadence Sensor
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Google Pixel Watch 2 using Heart for Bluetooth

Zwift PC Setup:

  • Brand: Beelink
  • Model: SER5 MAX 5800H
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 5800H
  • Graphics: AMD Ryzen Graphics
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Drive: SSD 500 GB
  • Network: Ethernet hard wired to home network
  • Bluetooth: Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX200 with Intel Bluetooth
  • Operating System: Windows 11 Version 32H2 Build Number 22631.2715

Zwift on Phone:

  • Phone: Google Pixel 7 Pro
  • Operating System: Android Version 14
  • Zwift Vernon: 1.0.122711
  • Connections to Training Setup: Bluetooth

Zwift Companion App

  • Phone: Google Pixel 7 Pro
  • Operating System: Android Version 14
  • Zwift Companion App Version: 3.53.0

Home Network Setup:

  • ISP: Verizon Fios
  • Network Speed: 1 GB
  • Router/WiFi: Google Wifi

Why are you pairing via Companion? What happens when you pair directly to the PC? Is there any chance that the Zwift app is still running and paired on the Android app? Try deleting the Zwift app from the Android device.

The plan was to set up the PC in a different room away from the Training equipment as it can be used for other purposes. Given this I decided to use the Companion app in Bluetooth Bridging mode as it appears to be an ideal solution for the setup. I’ve confirmed that the Android Zwift app is not running and that the Training Equipment is not connected. I’ve even deleted the Zwift app on the phone and still run into the issue.

Below is an excerpt of the logs from the Zwift PC and it looks like everything is connected just fine via the companion app.
[16:50:15] Device List:
[16:50:15] ==========================================================
[16:50:15] Cadence: Wahoo CADENCE 8C9C 161 (0x1638A0A1) [BLE (ZC)]
[16:50:15] Controllable Trainer: KICKR SNAP 98DD 23 (0x1FCA4017) [BLE (ZC)]
[16:50:15] Power: KICKR SNAP 98DD 23 (0x1FCA4017) [BLE (ZC)]
[16:50:15] Heart Rate: Google Pixel Watch 2 37 (0x12D6FB25) [BLE (ZC)]
[16:50:15] ==========================================================

As a test I did move the Mini PC to the same room as the Training Equipment and I’m running into issues with the Bluetooth and Wifi adapter. I believe I have a faulty Intel Bluetooth and Wifi adapt and I’m awaiting a replacement.

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I assume you are not pairing the HRM to the phone’s built-in Bluetooth settings right? Only pairing in Companion?

Correct. I’m pairing it via the companion app.