Garmin heart rate monitor connected, but no heart rate bpm shown

So my Garmin HRM-Dual heart rate monitor connects to the ZWIFT mobile app on my Android phone, but no hear rate is showing. This has been going on for a couple of months already and really frustrating. Anyone know how to fix?

It could be an issue with the actual belt. Check it for cracks in the plastic patches and the press studs that connect with the monitor unit.
A change of battery could help as well.

I am also having the same issue. My strap is fine and I just put in a new battery, although it has no problem connecting to my Garmin device. I have read through online forums and blogs and tried to resolve it via their suggestions, but still having the issue. It was working a couple of month ago, but I haven’t been able to resolve it since it stopped. Any other suggestions?

Are you also using ANT+ on your pc, Garmin is mainly using ANT+

No. I am not using ANT+. I use Zwift on my iPhone 12pro, depend on bluetooth only. I know my phone sees the HRM b/c it will show up in my bluetooth list (I dont connect it, though I have tried it both ways). I contacted Zwift support and after trying multiple things, was told that the Garmin HRM dual does not broadcast heart rate over bluetooth for third party apps. This used to work, so just to double check I contacted Garmin Support and they confirmed that my the hrm-dual does broadcast hrm with bluetooth and should work with Zwift. I recently removed the HRM from my Garmin Edge, uninstalled Zwift, reinstalled, set everything back up, reconnnected to the HRM strap and still displays 0, then ‘not connected’ or greyed out while riding. I’m at a total loss. I’ve tried everything.

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I’ve got this HRM and it’s happened with me a few times. Every time it’s been some other device interfering with the signal. I just turn off Bluetooth on everything I won’t be using during the run (work phone, BT speakers etc), restart Zwift and it always works the next time. Can be a bit annoying though as there’s a pair of headphones that I like using that does it as well but only if I connect them 1st. :man_facepalming: Might not help anyone here but that’s how I’m getting round this problem.

No. I’m using my iPhone. I contacted Garmin and they said it does both Bluetooth and ANT+ and should have no issue connecting via Bluetooth.

See my previous posts with regards to changing your location settings. That’s probably the issue.

Is your problem solved ? Because I have the same issue. Everywhere bluetooth but no heartbeat to be seen.

There is a long standing issue with the dual connecting. Seems intermittent.

I have Bluetooth, heart rate belt , a Garmin edge 820 and an iPhone XS. . Nothing seems to work…

Does the HR pair with your Garmin ?

Yes it does.

Have a read here. See if it helps.

Nope. I noticed they had an apple watch Beta. Its probably not as accurate, but I’ve had a bit more success with it. Disappointing.