Garmin Dual shows 0 heart rate

Until last week, heart rate was showing just fine. But now, whilst the heart rate monitor shows as connected, the heart rate remains at 0.

The battery is new and both my Fenix and Edge 520 pick up the heart rate. It is just Zwift that does not.

To the best of my knowledge, I did not change anything since last week.



Do you connect to zwift via ant+ or bluetooth?

are you able to try the other (depending on which you use) to see if that works?

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your reply.

I should have added that I run Zwift on an IPad, I believe it only works with Bluetooth, not ANT+?


Hanno Stamm, while I have no experience with your make and model of watch, two options come to mind.

  1. there might be a special setting on your watch to allow to transfer pulse over bluetooth. Did you check you watch’s manual to confirm that you did everything correctly?
  2. your watch may be already connected to a different device (a phone? a tablet?) and has limitations as to how many devices it can connect and talk to simultaneously. Did you use it with another app on another device lately? This connection may remain active even after you closed the app.

Yes I believe so.

Make sure that nothing else is connected to your heart rate via bluetooth as this will stop your heart rate monitor pairing to anything else.

you said it pairs to your fenix watch, does this connect via ant+ or bluetooth? if the latter then try turning that off to see if it connects.

Thank you Chris,

I do not connect the HRM to the watch when I am Zwifting. I double-checked. However, I will turn off my phone next time as I am not sure the HRM does not connect to it in the background.

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Thank you Andrei,

THe problem is actually my HRM not connecting to Zwift. It did before, but suddenly just stopped.