Garmin Dual HRM connects but does not show heartrate after Zwift Update

I have a Garmin Dual HRM that works perfectly on Zwift for a while, until Zwift installs an update on my PC Running Windows 11 with Companion on my Android phone. I have searched forums high and low, without any resolution.

The problem:

My Garmin Dual HRM connects just fine through companion on my phone and shows up in the app under connected devices. However, it shows “0 heart rate” and sporadically will display “no signal” and then return to “0 heart rate”

My Garmin Dual HRM works just fine with all of my other devices, other than Zwift. This is obviously a known issue, but Zwift isn’t being very forthcoming with fixes. Their system surely has no problems taking my money every month. Come on Zwift! Give us all a fix for this one before we pull the plug on you.

Are you connecting to the computer via ANT+ or Bluetooth?

FWIW, I’m using a Garmin Dual HRM, Zwift on Windows 11 and Companion App on Android 13. However, I have the HRM connected to my PC rather than through the app. If I use Bluetooth, the signal occassionally drops out. If I use ANT+ it’s steady as a rock. Is a ANT+ dongle an option for you?

Hey Colin, yes, that is an option. I already have one. I didn’t know that was an option when I first set-up Zwift. I’ll give it a go, next time I’m no so angry at Zwift. LOL

I have always been able to resolve the issue, somehow, in the past, but it happens every time Zwift installs a new update. I have a ticket open with Zwift at the moment too.

Thanks for the info!


My HRM is connected via Bluetooth to my android, running the companion app.

When you’re in the pairing screen - wait until the HRM broadcasts reasonable-looking BPM data before you move on to the Home Page. Do you ever move onto the next steps while the Pairing Screen says “No Data” or zero for HRM?

It takes a few seconds for the HRM signal to be found by the game, then a few more seconds for it to start sending your heart rate data. Would you try that and see if you have a more solid connection to your heart rate data?


I have done it both ways, but neither fixed the problem. I’ve waited up to 5 minutes for the HR data to show up. That doesn’t work either.