Zwift Companion App on Android - Pairing HRM to Zwift Hub doesn't work

I decided to open a new topic to split my experiences from another topic (“Heart rate monitor not connecting [November 2023]”)

My problem was that I couldn’t connect a “Garmin HRM Dual” (Bluetooth and ANT+ HR sensor) to Zwift Hub Classic for retransmission to the Zwift app. It worked in 2022, but when I tried to pair the HRM to Zwift Hub via ANT+ or BT since autumn in 2023, I didn’t work.
When I tried to pair the HRM with ZC app on an iPad yesterday, the HRM was immediately found and connected to my Zwift Hub without any problems and shows up in Zwift App on Windows 11.

After some more tests I found out (March 2024):

  • If I use Zwift Companion App (ZC) - Version 3.55.0 (1651) on an iPad, my HRM is recognized by the Zwift Hub after a few seconds and shown as connected.
  • If I use ZC - Version 3.55.0 (1750) on an Android Phone (Poco X3 Pro - not rooted, no alternative firmware, just original), the HRM isn’t shown as connected. Searching for an HRM doesn’t find it either.
  • In Zwift app on Windows 11 the HRM is available as a sensor (HRM via Zwift Hub) and delivers the correct HR, so it is paired with the Zwift Hub obvously.

The problem seems to be in communication between ZC on Android and the Zwift Hub while communication between ZC on iOS and the Zwift Hub seems to work as expected. I deleted all personal data of the Android app (didn’t work), uninstalled ZC app and reinstalled it (didn’t work either).
If someone at Zwift is interested in investigating this issue, I’m ready to help.

Best regards, Moik