Heart rate monitor not connecting [November 2023]

All, anyone an idea why my heart rate monitor connects with my Garmin530 and not to the Zwift hub which I recently recieved?
I tried all the suggested ways of connecting (via hub and via companion app), and firmware and software are up to date.


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Which model of HRM is it?

VDO and Polar. Both working on Garmin device, not on Zwift hub

I don’t know VDO but I believe all the modern Polar models support Bluetooth, so it should work. Support advises to ensure that Location Services are enabled. If the HRM is old, make sure it supports Bluetooth and not just ANT+.

I’ll check the location services… Nevertheless: I followed both guides mentioned. None of them worked until now. The strange thing is that the former Zwift hub had the ability to connect to the VDO heart monitor and the new one does not anymore…

I have a similar problem:
Last winter I connected a “Garmin HRM Dual” via ANT+ to my ZwiftHub and used this combination until April, then left for summer.
Some weeks ago my HRM broke and I bought a new one. Same model, recognized without problems by my Garmin Fenix 6 (ANT+), Garmin Edge 830 (ANT+) and Zwift App on Windows 11 (Bluetooth).

When I tried to connect the new HRM to the ZwiftHub yesterday (back for the winter), I wasn’t successful. The Companion App finds my ZwiftHub, but searching for HRM doesn’t find the device (neither ANT+ nor Bluetooth, even when not paired to another device).

Since my hardware isn’t new, I suspect a firmware update between April and October. I believe there was a jump from 4.x to 5.2.2 now.

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I’m having a similar issue. I normally connect my PM, trainer, Plays, and HRM through the companion app to AppleTV. Been working fine this way for years. Starting on Thursday (10/26), my HRM shows no signal, if it connects at all. I changed the battery twice with no change. It connects fine to my Hammerhead Karoo 2 (via bluetooth) though.

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I’m having the same problem, same time frame.

Just over the past week my heart rate monitor stopped connecting and I’ve been forced to ride without it. I’m using the companion app to connect via Apple TV (I’m also using the Zwift play controllers). I also replaced the battery in the heart rate monitor but that did not help.

Oddly, I can see the HR monitor connected in my iPhone’s Bluetooth settings, but the Zwift app can’t find it.

My setup has always worked fine in the past but I suspect an update either on my phone or the Apple TV has created a new issue.

I’m using a wahoo HR monitor, FWIW.


Never pair the HRM in your phone’s Bluetooth settings. Leave it unpaired and see if you can pair it in Zwift.

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Yep, tried that. Along with a lot of additional trouble shooting. (Restarting everything, forgetting devices and reconnecting, etc) Nothing seems to work.

To be fair the update causing the problem could be an Apple issue not a Zwift issue.

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as written here its a bug Game Update 1.51 [October 2023] - #153 by C_hristoph_SZR sadly zwift is absolutely not responding about that one! same setup here: atv, zwift play and hrm tunneling via companion. Cant find the HR inside the game


Same issue.
But my solution is to launch the game without pairing the HR Monitor (only Trainer and steering), and retry pairing once on the home screen.
It works everytime.

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Via companion? With Zwift play?

ATV, with Trainer, HRM and Sterzo Smart tunnelling via Companion.

Absolute nightmare. Almost 2 yrs and ZERO signal drops of any kind in my set up. Up and running in seconds every time. Then comes October updates and ruins it. Simply can’t connect HRM, steering has to be configured over an over… A hassle. While testing options I identified that connections still work solidly on ATV directly. Issue happens with Companion app. Posted before in the forum to no answer, so voicing it again here.


Thanks Pierre. I do the same pair my HRM on the Home Screen now.


Just chiming in. Same problem this past week since the update. HRM will not pair up. I use ATV and pair thru companion


Same problem ATV4k connecting my BLE devices via companion app, HR either not connecting or dropping out since the latest update…

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Went to Zwift run the other evening, after update on Apple TV, and had issues on Apple TV pairing with RUNN and HRM all together via BT on phone. No issues to speak of prior to update from Zwift recently. I could only pick one of the two options. The phone app would not allow to pair both RUNN and HRM in pairing screen. I tried it with both my TICKR HRM and Gamin Dual HRM. No love.

Hello folks,

Thank you all for bringing up this issue. From a quick analysis, it looks like everyone experiencing this is either using Zwift Companion as a bluetooth bridge to pair their HRM, or attempting to pair their HRM to their Zwift Hub. If possible, it would be great to know if your Heart Rate Monitor is working correctly in Zwift over native bluetooth to confirm where the bug is occurring.

Additionally, I’d like to signal boost @Pierre_Lepeer’s workaround method (EDITED based on @C_hristoph_SZR’s experience):

  1. Pair all fitness devices EXCEPT your Heart Rate Monitor at the initial pairing screen, then continue to the home screen
  2. Start your intended activity
  3. Once in-world, select Menu to pause, then select Pair from the pause screen
  4. Pair your HRM from the Pause menu pairing screen

If you’re still having problems after attempting the workaround, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Support.

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