Heart Rate Monitor No Longer Pairs After Update

After the last update (updated yesterday) my heart rate monitor (tickr x) no longer displays heart rate. It pairs briefly but then goes to no signal straight away. It was working fine yesterday before the update. I am using an Honor View 10 phone, I tried switching Bluetooth on and off and even rebooted the phone but had the same issues.

Everything else worked fine using a tacx neo

Investigating! Thanks for sharing Chris. 

Are you connecting with Bluetooth or ANT +? Have you had a chance to try basic troubleshooting with theBluetooth and ANT + guides

I’m using Bluetooth, I was able to connect fine before the latest update and have made sure everything is connected the correct way. The neo was fine the heart rate monitor would appear when pairing but display no signal almost immediately

I tested this with my Asus tablet and had the same issue, tried 2 heart rate monitors and both had the no signal issues

I have exactly the same thing, since the update, with a Tickr Run (although I did test my wife’s normal Tickr, same thing). Pairs, but never picks up HR and displays No Signal soon after.

Device: Teclast T8
HR: Wahoo Tickr Run
Trainer: Tacx Vortex Smart

I also checked with Rouvy on the same setup, the strap connects fine with Bluetooth and ANT+ (I have a Garmin ANT+ adapter and an OTG adapter).

(Vaguely similar issue happens with my P1 pedals - I can pair them as the power and cadence, but I get the No Signal message. When I deselect the trainer, the No Signal message goes away for the pedals, and I can see power and cadence, but no trainer control).

Yesterday I connected to the program and was very happy but I did not train with it because it does not read the herart belt(Ant)

Exactly the same problem for me - Bluetooth heart rate monitor and a separate Bluetooth cadence monitor, both budget coo-spo brand devices, which connected fine prior to the update would not connect today. Sometimes I could select them from the pairing menu, but they would quickly change to showing ‘no signal’. My turbo trainer (bkool Pro2) was connected fine via Bluetooth throughout.
Using the latest version of the app on a pixel c tablet with all android updates installed.

Cheers, and thanks for the hard work making zwift work on android. Much appreciated! 

I also encountered the same problem.  Heart rate monitor worked the first 2 rides (7/24, 7/25) then it would pair but I would not get data and then wouldn’t even pair at all.  I have not tested with the update that came out on 8/2.

Phone: Google Pixel w Android 8.1

HR: Wahoo Tickr

Power/Cadence: Stages PM

Otherwise, seems to work great.  I’ve been casting the screen to a Chromecast connected to a cheapo projector and haven’t had any issues with the setup.

HR works again with the latest update (8/2), so that is great.

My P1 pedals still give the No Signal message if the smart trainer is selected, and vice versa (depending on which is selected first), but I can live with just using the trainer’s power and cadence that for now.

The Innsbruck course looks decent so far, LOTS of riders on it last night, so interesting as well to see how performance on my cheap-ish tablet fluctuated.

Hey all, we’ve released an even new update today (8/3)! Please update this thread if your devices still aren’t pairing or if they are pairing more consistently. :) 

How long did it take to find your device after it was searching?? I put on my garmin heart rate monitor for almost five minutes and the app was still searching. Same with my garmin edge devices ex. Speed and cadence sensor and the garmin device itself

They would need to be Bluetooth I think Garmin sensors are all ant+ which is maybe why it didnt find them

Hi all

I’ve been having issues with my Tickr X on Android also … it would find device but them just say ‘no signal’

Most recent update seems to have addressed most of this in that it now finds device, registers movement / cadence in run and in cycling it registers heart rate. Unfortunately it doesn’t register heart rate in run mode, just gives —

I just wanted to give you the heads up as this is clearly an area you have worked on. Well done for the product and keeping us updated with support…

Have this exact same problem with KK BLE HRM over companion app on Android. It pairs but 1-2 secs later shows no signal. My KK inride BLE has no issue. Any idea on how to fix this?

Currently using the latest v22.1.030448 for Android and HRM issues are still in effect for use with the Wahoo TICKR. When starting a “run”, the app can connect to the HRM, but will show “no signal” when attempting to show HRM data.

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Same here, using either a Bluetooth strap or my garmin strap (paired with cable) I don’t get any readings in running mode. In bike mode both work perfectly.

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Wondering if there was a resolution to this, or if anyone figured a cure? I am having the same issue, after the latest update.

Looking into this @kwelty2

@kwelty2 We’re investigating heart rate monitor issues on Android but we haven’t gotten a concrete reproduction step yet. Any reports you have are great, thank you for writing in!

Same issue with iOS 12.1. Tickr is pairing but no hr data shows. Any sign of a fix or recommended alternative hrm? Seems intermittent perhaps Tickr issue?

Same problem here … I can get this working sometimes, but now always. Here’s what I have:

  • Zwift running on AppleTV
  • Kickr w/ cadence connecting via BT directly to AppleTV
  • Tickr X connected through Android 7.0 phone (Moto G5 Plus) via BLE

Zwift typically will detect Tickr on the first try, but when you connect you get a ‘no signal’. If you then disconnect, you then sometimes can’t detect the Tickr until you move back to direct Bluetooth (remove phone) and then try to add the TickrX again. I find that if I move the Tickr X around and/or moisten the electrodes, it wakes back up and can sometimes detect (but still not able to appropriately connect) without removing the phone bluetooth connection in Zwift.

I’d be happy to run some tests or provide more info if anyone at Zwift would like.