Ant+ and Blue Tooth Sensor

  1. Can we have the option to tell the phone app “Mobile Link” not to pair with blue tooth devices?

Why would I want this, I got one of those ANT+/Blue tooth speed and cadence sensors and I prefer to have it on the ANT+ (it is just more stable) but it seem like the phone app try to connect to the blue tooth during my ride and then my cadence showed incorrect numbers. At this point in time I just turn off the Blue tooth on my phone and all is fine. 

  1. Can we have an indicator to show that the HR or Cadence stopped responding.(maybe turn the little Cadence or HR sign red)

So this morning my HR and Cadence stopped working (I think it was the blue tooth interfering but that is not the point) and at first I did not notice that there is no little red line showing my HR during the workout also did not see there was no value showing for HR. Cadence value was just stuck on the last number it read. So there was a few indicators that something was not right and I still missed it. So I was wondering if it was more noticeable if that would helped. 

The fix was easy I just went to the menu and re-paired the HR and Cadence. I just wish I saw it earlier during my training.

I hope this makes sense. Just a suggestion. 

Keep up the good work.