Bluetooth issues android

Been using various app for training and zwift is good for a good real feel ride but the Bluetooth and android is terrible and drops connection for no reason even though the Bluetooth signal is good. They seriously need to get ant+ working for android as I have no issues whilst using it but it can’t control the resistance so I have to use Bluetooth instead.

I’ve gone back to trainerroad untill ant+ is compatible with a smart trainer.

Same x1000. I connect my Garmin HRM to Zwift via the H2RP app as my tablet doesn’t have ANT. The app transmits the HRM data to my tablet via Bluetooth and all this worked perfectly but since the last update, the Bluetooth drops my heartrate about 20mins into any ride and I have to reconnect manually in Zwift settings which is pretty useless on rides or workouts as then you have to catch up knowing in 20mins, it’ll happen again!

It’s so annoying and it ruining my enjoyment of Zwift a little bit. I basically got a virtual shoulder shrug from both Zwift and the app dev; Zwift said it’s the apps fault and the app dev blamed Bluetooth.

I even put my phone in high performance mode and weirdly it worked for some time then got the same issue after a phone call. Waiting for ant+ or might just stick to trainerroad they have some good training plans

In order to fix unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped, you can refer to