Connectivity dropping mid workout

Hi All,

Being using ZWIFT for a couple of years now.

I connect using an android phone (pixel 6 Android 12- recently replacing Samsung S10), and Chromecast to a TV.

During the last two rides, I have lost connectivity during the ride (fricken frustrating).

When I attempt to reconnect, ZWIFT quickly locates the trainer (Smart trainer Elite Directo XR) and display’s the values when disconnected, but immediately drops it again within a few seconds.

I have reinstalled ZWIFT, and close down all other apps on my phone when riding, which makes no difference.

Any help appreciated

is it the the bluetooth dropping out or the internet ?

Hi it’s the Bluetooth.

I have realised my new phone is not ANT enabled, where as the Samsung was.
So I have order a dongle, hoping that it was the amount of data flowing through Bluetooth is causing the problem (HRM, trainer)

Any thoughts

And thanks for responding!.