Bluetooth dropout GalaxyS9

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S9 to run Zwift and a Cyclops M2 Smart Trainer.

I preciously used a laptop but this has given up on me, hence using my phone.

I have found an issue whereby when I have riden for 1 hour and 8 minutes my signal drops out (very specific I know but it’s happened twice now) and I need to go to the settings screen and re connect my trainer, most annoying as by the time it’s reconnected the group have long gone.

I never encountered this issue when I used my laptop so think it’s my phone.

Anyone else had this issue and solved it, or have any ideas why it might be happening?

Any input greatly appreciated.

Same sort of issue on my Pixel 3a. However, I am running Zwift on my PC and connecting my devices via Bluetooth in the Companion App. Drops out and I have to exit companion app and launch it again, re-pair and continue. Happens around 30-45 minutes into rides.

Thanks for your message Richard. After a bit of searching I have found that if I try clearing Cache on Bluetooth (within the settings on my phone) it might make the difference. I’ll test over the next few days and report bac. Also the Zwift update might help too. Good luck resolving your issues.

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It happened to me this morning, after the application update, so update might not help. I’ll try cache thing too!