Anyone Experiencing Bluetooth Dropouts

I’ve been running Zwift for 18 months with very few issues until a few weeks ago. During rides, my devices all lose connectivity. I go to pairing screen and they show “no signal.” But then they reconnect within a few seconds. This happens every 4-15 minutes. Extremely frustrating when you’re trying for new PRs and such.
I’m trying to see if this is a widespread Zwift issue, or something with my set up. Here are the details:
PC Windows 10 using TV as monitor
Companion App on Android. LG ThinQ V40 phone
Wahoo Kickr SNAP
Wahoo Cadence
Wahoo Tickr (HR)

What I’ve Tried
Uninstall / reinstall Zwift on PC
Uninstall / reinstall Zwift Companion on phone
Rebooting router
No new appliances or changes in house that would create interference

Yes, I just read your post after experiencing something similar today. I’d been getting one or dropouts during rides, but today was more like every 2-4 minutes. Nothing has changed in my config recently so im at a loss. Like you I use my iphone/zwift app as a bridge. Seems worse since most recent app updates.

I decided to check out the RGT cycling app and found my connectivity dropping there too. That ruled out Zwift. I ran the companion app on an iPad and problem went away.

I don’t have a mount for the iPad and I’m not replacing my phone anytime soon, so I decided to just connect to my laptop Bluetooth directly. I still have my phone on the handlebars to control my music and was in the middle of a ride when I decided to check the companion app for something. Low and behold, the map came up. I started clicking through and found it worked the same as when it was used as a bridge.

I’ve been on Zwift for 18 months and never knew the companion app would work with Bluetooth connected thru laptop direct.

Feeling a little stupid.