The amount of disconnects I’m getting has increased recently. Are there any best practices or debugging steps I can take? Using an iPhone, Lenovo X1 laptop, and a Cycleops Hammer.

I have noticed more BT dropouts lately.
Mostly with my power meter (Favero Assioma).
Occasionally with HR (Garmin HRM Dual or Wahoo Tickr).
Not once with my trainer (Wahoo Kickr18).
I have been pairing via the Companion App on an iPhone.
Running Zwift on Apple TV4K.

The dropouts are brief, but seem to occur at high power output.
I had ~four dropouts on Sunday, in a group ride up the Epic KOM.
Caused me to fall off the back, and that was it for me.

I’ll go back to using the two BT channels on ATV until this issue is resolved.

go to zwiftalizer.com and put one of your log files in and see what it says



If your devices are losing connection, it could be due to wireless signal interference. I’d suggest you try everything listed in this article.

If you’re using the ZC app as a BLE bridge to pair your devices to Zwift, even slight disconnections of your mobile device from your WIFI can result in power dropouts. I’d suggest you try all the steps in this article.

EDIT: Actually, it looks like there’s a potential trending issue right now where multiple Zwifters have reported pairing and disconnect issues when using the ZC app as a BLE bridge to pair.

It’s unclear if this is related to some recent BLE changes made on the server-side, but I’ve reached out to the team to get more information. I’ll update you here when I know more. Thanks!


This problem is relatively new, and not everything drops at once.
Sometimes it’s my HRM, sometimes it’s my power meter.
I haven’t had an instance of all devices dropping at once.

Interesting site, unfortunately it doesn’t show any disconnects, so not sure how to interpret that.

Thanks Steven

Can you link to the results?

I also observe increasing dropouts and disconnects during the last few weeks. Didn’t change anything on my side.

Kickr18 paired with ANT+
Windows10 Laptop
Rotor ANT+ Dongle with 1.8m shielded USB Cable

Did work flawlessly since August last year.

PS: I also observed a delay of adjusting height to my Kickr Climb. It used to adjust it quite faster, but actually it has a 1-2sec delay. Extremely noticeable when descending/ascending london subway ramp.

Hi @Bob_Devereux

I heard back from the team and it seems that the disconnects aren’t related to a known issue as best we can tell.

If the previous articles I’ve linked to you haven’t resolved the issue, feel free to contact our support team if you haven’t already done so.

You can reach us here.

I have always had a delay on the London Subway ramp