HRM issues since most recent ZWIFT update

I have been having disconnection issues with my HRM, since the most recent ZWIFT update and the most recent Windows 10 update.
I am running ZWIFT on a Windows 10 Laptop, and the ZWIFT App on my iphone 13 Pro.
I have connected my Wahoo Tickr both automatically with ZWIFT and also by using the search facility. Irrespective of how I connect, the HRM is disconnected shortly after beginning a ride.
I am certain the issue is not with the HRM as it connects and runs perfectly on the WAHOO App, with no disconnects at all.
This issue has occurred once on Monday (22 April 2024) and three times today (24 April 2024).
Are there any Support suggestions as to how this issue can be resolved?

Could be that the Bluetooth connection to your phone works better than to your laptop. One way to test that would be to use the Companion app to pair the HRM (the pair-by-phone option in the Zwift app pairing screen).

You could also upload a Zwift log file to and see if it surfaces any dropouts. If it does, checkout the tips here:

Thanks Paul, I will give the Companion App option a try on my next ride. The thing is I have been using this same set up for over a year, with no such issues. But I will try the Companion App option.

The thing about BLE interference is that it’s almost impossible to assert that nothing has changed, because of the interplay with all the other stuff in your home or even your neighbors homes if they are nearby, and changes to Windows itself. Many Windows laptop users get better results using a 3rd party Bluetooth dongle, sometimes with an extension lead to move it away from the other radio devices in the laptop and get better line-of-sight to your paired equipment.

Could the Wahoo app be stealing the signal? Another thing to try would be uninstalling the Wahoo app and see if it persists. I know others have had issues with the Garmin app stealing signals even when force closed.

Also, I’ve heard from so many people about how terrible the Wahoo Tickr is and they usually have to get warranty replacements every year because they fail so often, so it could just be the Tickr too?

@Paul_Southworth makes great suggestions too, worth a try.

I am on my third Tickr, I might just try another HRM to see how that goes.

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Ha, figures!

Hi @Allan_C_68. This is Juan from Zwift. I’m glad to know that you’ve received a great support from our community members.

Please keep up us updated about your results. Anyhow, I’d like to suggest you contact us, on this way we can take a look at your logs to drill down on this.