Bluetooth improvements for controllable trainers & treadmills [January 2022]

I have got a similar issue since the last update (last week).

Using ATV, connection via Companion with a Tacx Flux S.
When I start climbing hills, every one or two seconds the resistance drops from 300 back to 100 and up again to 300 (reference numbers). This pretty annoying during a climb.
I don’t have issues during the flat parts or descents. Is this something related to the above issue?
It’s in both ERG and SIM mode.

I’ve had various issues with my atomx and Apple TV .

  1. Losing connection completely in a race after 5/10mins
  2. Atom showing a different gear than Zwift, strangely Zwift working better than atom.
  3. Erg mode not working in training mode.
    I’m so frustrated I don’t know if it’s Apple TV, wattbike or Zwiftor all three🤪

Adding a datapoint: Tacx NEO2T has been working flawlessly on an iPad Pro 2020, and an ATV4K (and the odd occasion I run Zwift on a PC) since I bought it around the middle of last year, through all of the updates. Ditto a friend’s Tacx Flow Smart.

If I were a betting man, I’d vote for quirky/non-standard Bluetooth implementation by Wahoo. I had endless trouble with BLE drop-outs on a Wahoo Tickr in past, and there are many reports of Wahoo connectivity issues - enough to suggest a trend.

I have an Elite Suito and it has been dropping out so not just Wahoo…Never had issues before Jan update.

Ride this morning on Watopia… After crossing the JWB bridge sprint marker heading for the esses, COMPLETELY lost resistance and brought me to a stop. Took almost 30secs for things to pick back up… Seriously Zwift @shooj WHY isn’t there some focus of fixing these issues which have been introduced BY Zwift in the past couple of updates. Do we need another active campaign along the lines of #freeluciano to get traction all the way up to your CEO?

We have been working on this for some time, and will be enabling a server-side Bluetooth update this week.

Something curious came up during today’s team meeting about this issue. It’s come to our attention that those using FTMS-capable trainers with iOS or Apple TV devices may not be loading the latest version of FTMS code. In plain English, this means:

  1. Visit the App Store and update to the latest game version.
  2. Force-close Zwift after each session rather than just swipe the app into the background. This step is especially important so that the game client loads the latest version of FTMS code.

iOS / Apple TV users who are not in the habit of force-closing after each session + who use an FTMS-capable trainer (like the KICKR v5/ Kickr Bike / Tacx Flux 2 or Flux S / Elite Direto or Suito / Saris H3) - would you try those two steps and let us know if resistance on hills feels better?


@shooj my issue is I DONT have an FTMS capable trainer, being a wahoo kicker 2016 model and this has been effecting me since the past couple of Zwift updates

Update. And if I had a later kickr, I only use the ATV for Zwift from a cold start anyway, so it would be loading correctly

Roger that, v2016 wouldn’t use the FTMS code.
The Bluetooth work we’re releasing this week will affect your trainer.

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Then WHAT has changed in the past couple of updates that is effecting bluetooth resistance changes? Zwift HAS made a change that is effecting these trainers as pointed out in the entire thread

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Tonight’s adventure my PC could not find my Garmin HR chest strap…never had this happen…tried to link on companion app on my phone and still could not find it. Finally made my phone forget the device and then it finally showed up. But then for the whole rest of the ride my phone screen looked like this…

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This is good, can you say anything about this work though?

I had to shell out for a new trainer because my 2017 kickr ( non ftms) behaved so erratically and nothing would right it and I needed to keep training!
Being massively out of pocket for a zwift bug is super annoying as it is…… but not being able to sell the old trainer until I know it’ll work with zwift again with confidence is more annoying

This is very exciting, Shooj. How soon can we expect this update??

Zwift Companion doens’t connect anymore to my bluetooth devices since the update. I can’t ride anymore :pensive:
Other apps on my Android phone do connect to those devices. Zwift Companion does nothing.

I had a variable resistance problem which started about the same time of Jeremy’s first post in this thread. I thought I was in this group also. Turns out that my variable resistance problem was related to my 2014 Kickr., Wahoo’s first model, sometimes referred to the model with a suitcase handle.
In Wahoo’s support site there is a topic “How to clean the optical disc and sensor on an original Kickr 2014.” I followed their instructions and no more variability. Wahoo changed design after this model, but the concept may still apply to other brands. Zwift support personnel felt the problem was on my end and they were correct.

I’ve already posted in the “Android” forum, but I think it deserves to be repeated here.

Like lots of other users, I’m currently having big connectivity problems using the Companion app Bluetooth “bridge” (Android) with my Tacx Neo 2T and Apple TV. Everything was working fine until the latest Companion app update (which I performed on Monday 28th Feb).

This issue nearly screwed up my last WTRL-ZRL race when I lost the connection just before the start. I abandoned the Companion app and paired the trainer and HRM directly to Apple TV via Bluetooth without a problem. In fact, since joining Zwift over a year ago my set-up of pairing trainer & HRM directly to Apple TV via bluetooth has been bullet-proof and problem free. It’s only since I acquired a set of Assioma pedals and started to pair everything via bluetooth using the Companion app that frequent connectivity problems have occurred. It makes the Zwifting experience a nightmare, especially when racing.

I tried again yesterday (after clearing the Bluetooth and Comapnion app caches and restarting Apple TV etc.) and managed about 45 mins of a free ride before another “Connection Failure” debacle. If I pair directly without the companion app, everything is stable.

Getting well pi**ed off with this now. Hopefully, Zwift will pull their finger out and get this sorted asap.

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Well sir since the new download a lot of people have Bluetooth problems connecting their equipment to companion.People are going back and downloading the old version just to ride.We should not have to do that if we are paying money to ride Thank you.


Totally agree. My Zwift
start-up and shut-down procedures are now worthy of a NASA engineer and it still doesn’t help to promote stable Bluetooth connectivity via the Companion App.

Any ideas on this?

Good Day, I wish I could go back to the day…where I could go downstairs, turn my computer on, and ride. Yes, I have an older laptop that didn’t have Windows 10 on it…but everything worked just fine. Now, I go downstairs and expect to wait for 5-10 minutes or longer in advance of the program loading…only to have it disconnect from time to time during the ride. Last night, the Watts:MPH was definitely not right. 250W does not equal 11 mph in the flats. How can I coast to a stop on a -3% gradient at 18 mph? I’m using a Cycleops Hammer. Hope you guys can get this fixed sooner than later.


I still feel like I’m pedaling with the brakes set. I ride a hand cycle on a KICKR wheel on smart trainer. When do you expect to get a fix? It’s been a week or longer now since I’ve been able to ride. Thanks