BLE Support for Smart Trainers

(Mike Hoogerland Athl. Mentors) #1

Wondering if Zwift is willing to give any guidance on when BLE support will be available for smart trainers. I’m looking to buy one and it would be nice to know that BLE is due “next month” or “january” to get a sense of whether I should wait or pull the trigger now. 

Also - when will the Android app support BLE?





(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Mike, we’re working on Bluetooth KICKR support right now and Android BLE is also being used internally in testing, but neither have a release date other than “winter”.   Unfortunately with bluetooth, like ANT, it seems like different manufacturers are using different protocols, so we’re starting with KICKR first and then working our way through the list.   

PS, I think any BLE smart trainer will probably work with Zwift right now as a power source, you just won’t have any dynamic terrain or erg mode until the full support for the trainer control is added.

(Mike Hoogerland Athl. Mentors) #3

Thanks for the quick reply Jon. I may just go with ANT+ since it’s really the dynamic terrain I’m after.

(Bill Verdon) #4

Wondering why you would start with Kickr considering most already use ANT+ with that? Will the BLE connectivity enhance the functionality of the experience vs. ANT +?

(Jon Mayfield) #5

Hi Bill, we’re starting with starting with KICKR because they are open with their protocols and having them supported over bluetooth would mean new users with KICKR’s won’t have to buy a dongle.   KICKR also is a very common trainer so it makes sense as our first choice.

(Bill Verdon) #6

Gotcha…makes sense…thanks for the quick response!




(Jon Mayfield) #7

BTW Bill, was there a particular one you were looking for us to support soon?

(Bill Verdon) #8

Yes… Kurt Kinetic inRide…hopefully calibration support to go with it. KK says they will work with you guys to get all that implemented

(Huw Thomas ODZ (B) ZHR (F) SCTT) #9

Can you do Tacx next pleeeeeeeeeeease???

is the ios version going to use Bluetooth resistance alteration?

bloody apple dont do ant+FE-C dongles