Anyone using a Bkool Smart Go Trainer?

Recently acquired a Bkool Smart Go trainer. This is the new low end trainer from Bkool. A week of repeated attempts and I’ve been unable to pair this trainer as a controllable trainer in Zwift using Bluetooth native in OSX or using Zwift Link. Zwift support claims it’s supported but I’m having no luck.

The trainer pairs fine with the BKool simulator and even pairs over BT and Zwift Link  with Zwift as a power source, but just not as a controllable trainer. I think this rules out connectivity issues.

Has anyone been able to pair this trainer using BT or ANT+??  Getting an ANT+ dongle is the next step, but I’d first like to know if it works.

Any suggestions or tips would be much appreciated.

  • Desperately missing my Zwift group rides.

I don’t believe we support the BKOOL Smart Go, at least not yet. Our supported trainer list is on our website, and it’s not listed there. Do you see it somewhere else?

Knew full well the Bkool GO was not on the list of supported trainers. However, DC rainmaker reviewed this trainer and mentions zwift in the review - I took it to mean it was supported. When I could not get it to work, I reached out to Zwift support (ticket #44754) and was told “… this trainer should be compatible with Zwift …” which got me spending a few more days trying to get the trainer recognized. 

I knew I was taking a risk getting a trainer on the unsupported list. As my budget limited my choices, I decided to roll the dice when I came upon a really good deal on this unit. I suppose its back into the box for the trainer and back on my dumb trainer for me. Hopefully it will be supported in the near future.

I would appreciate a note (email in ticket) on if there are plans underway to support this trainer (else I might just have to suck it up and have it returned). Not expecting a date - just a “yeah, this unit should be supported sometime in the next six months” or “don’t hold your breath”


I also have the Bkool Smart Go, and i figured it would use the exact same software as the Pro… Only the hardware is different.

So why is the Pro support but the Go isn’t?

I read somewhere on this forum it was a know issue with bluetooth connection it would either work as power source or controllable trainer…

 Any word on this? 

I was thinking of getting this trainer myself…

I´m interested, too.

I have got this trainer working using ANT+. However the resistance it outputs feels incredibly high…

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Charles it works fine with an ANT+ dongle over ANT FEC protocol and you can get one off ebay for about 10 GBP.

It works on bluetooth with the BKOOL app, but will not (currently) work on bluetooth with Zwift (only as a power source) see

ANT FEC is the only open protocol and Bkool support this - their bluetooth protocol is a private protocol (hence only works with their app - this is their doing and not Zwifts fault).