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I’ve got a bkool trainer that I bought last year and used with bkools simulator. I just got zwift and while the graphics seem great, my smart trainer doesn’t change resistance. anything I can do? Otherwise zwift is pointless. It’s a bkool smart pro 2

Hi @Chad_Steger

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What device do you use to run Zwift.

Did you pair it as power source and Controllable.

Do you use Bluetooth or ANT+

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I’m using a 2019 iMac to run zwift. I’m using Bluetooth to connect zwift app to the bkool trainer

Hi Chad,

Controllable doesn’t currently work for Bkool trainers over Bluetooth. I’ve checked your account and I see that you have an ANT+ dongle, I’d recommend pairing that way since controlled resistance should work through ANT+. I’d also recommend checking out our Bkool pairing article here.

Ride On.

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Ok, I’ll see if that works. Thank you

Doesn’t seem to be working. Unless I’m doing something wrong

Can you post a screen shot of your Pairing screen?

Did you pair as ANT+ FE-c

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My avatar doesn’t go faster or slower much no matter how hard I pedal. Just my watts change and resistance is the same. I went into bkool and paired with ant and not Bluetooth. Then went into zwift. My guy slows down tremendously when I went up the volcano but resistance, gear, and cadence never changed

To get the resistance to change you need to search for controllable as well.


What options do you get when you search for controllable? If there is a FE-C option then use that one.

we are making progress.

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Got it to work. I found a bkool app to download which gave the trainer a firmware update. Now it works!!! Thanks!!


Awesome news, see you in Watopia.


HI Garrie
I have tried to repair it many times but Zwift doesn’t reconice my controllable device
I have Bkool smart pro 2 that I bought since December 2018 and never I couldn’t resolve this issue
Any suggestion
Even after open Bkool and sync the devices Zwift doesn’t reconice the controllable

Hi @Elioth_Ortega

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What device do you use for Zwift? Do you use Bluetooth or ANT+?

Well currently I am using ANT+

Things to check,

  1. are your trainer firmware updated? use the Bcool app
  2. try a different usb port for the ANT+ dongle.

What do you see in the paring screen after checking all these things. See screen shot above.

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Download the app bkool toolkits. That app updated my trainer and things worked flawlessly after that.

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Actually I realized I have downloaded the Bkool toolkit and it showed me an update in the firmware
I uninstall the zwift as well let me try again I hope it helps me
In few minutes I will let you know


Is working now thanks so much team
:pray: stay safe

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So happy that we could help, You should have asked a long time ago.

Happy Zwifting,

You know where to find us if you need more info.


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Hi everyone,

I can connect my Bkool Smart Pro with Zwift on my computer on ANT+FEC,
could you confirm that it’s not possible with an IPad + Dongle ANT+? I’m so surprised that it works on my computer but not on my iOs IPad :frowning:

Thanks for your answer!