Bkool pro


I just bought a bkool pro. I can ride in zwift but it does’nt change my resistance…

There are no updates avaible in the BKOOL program. 


I thougt it changes the resistance automaticly but am I wrong?

Do you have it paired as a controllable trainer?

Are you using BLE or ANT+?

BKOOL trainers only change resistance over ANT+, so if that’s how you have it paired, just make sure your trainer difficulty slider is set to the middle or further to the right (Menu > Settings > Trainer Difficulty).

First I connected it with bluetooth and the bkool simulator like it was written in the userguide.

then I tried to connect it with zwift with the ant+ dongle but the only thing it found was the power source. I tried to pair the controllable trainer but didn’t work. 

I turned everything off and tried again 2 hours later and it worked… and zwift found everything… 

Didn’t change a thing on trainer or pc so don’t know what the problem really was.

thanks for the help. 

You need to convert the trainer to FE-C in the Bkool simulator pairing menu via ANT+ before you can use it with other ANT+ apps. 

Use this guide to setup your Bkool it worked for me



There is a bug that stops the button to enable FE-C in Bkool app. Install 3.53 beta (see links below) this will a) add the button and b) update the trainer to support Bluetooth (but not yet as controllable)



PC: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/bkool-public/3.53/bsim2setup.exe.zip

Mac: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/bkool-public/3.53/BkoolIndoorInstaller.pkg