RESOLVED: Getting BKOOL trainer to update to FE-C functionality (and thus work with ZWIFT)

BKOOL units, even recent ones, need to have a firmware update to render them compatible with ZWIFT’s use of the FE-C protocol.  I recently purchased a BKOOL PRO, but discovered it needed the update.  After multiple attempts following instructions given on both the BKOOL and the ZWIFT websites, the unit STILL would not update.  Finally, I decided to take more aggressive efforts to minimize ambient interference as best as possible using the below technique:

  1. Detach motor unit from frame.
  2. Download BKOOL simulator on to a laptop
  3. Carry motor, laptop, USB extension cord, and ANT+ dongle to a “remote” area of your residence, as distant as possible from routers, wifi, general electronics.
  4. Using masking tape, tape the connected ANT+ dongle directly over the LED of the motor unit
  5. Successfully execute the firmware update
  6. BKOOL unit now functions properly with ZWIFT.

I think the masking tape part is what really did the trick.  

I hope this helps somebody else out, so they do not waste several hours trying to set up their BKOOL trainer for ZWIFT!


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Im having problems updating my Bkoo Pro to update to FE-C, because the new Bkool software doesn’t show me the update to FE-C button, someone has a solution for this?

Carlos, I had the same problem.  My solution worked:  Detach the BKool “motor”, and take it and your laptop to an area where there is minimal ambient electronic interference, even consider outdoors.  Then use masking or electrical tape and affix the ANT+ dongle to the unit, then execute the update.  I toiled with this for 4 days until I finally did this procedure and it worked.  Good Luck!


Hi, how can I update ? No buttons or link to do that on the bkool simulator setting page?


Hi, how can I update ? No buttons or link to do that on the bkool simulator setting page?