Problems pair bkool Go / Pro2 Zwift ant+ FE-C app Bkool indoor

I don’t speak English and I will use the translator.

In the past, the bkool indoor app had the option of turning ANT + to ANT + FE-C.

Now friends can’t make it.
Because the BKOOL app updated yesterday.
And promptly can not connect to Zwift.

I looked for some solutions here, but to no avail.
Any topics that help?


i have the same problem with bkool smart pro 2

same here :frowning:

Has anyone tried using the Trainerroad app?
because there they have the conversion from ant + to ant + FE-C.
But I couldn’t use it for being paid.

I’ve got the same problem. Have bkool commented at all? Going to check their site next…