Problems pair bkool Go / Pro2 Zwift ant+ FE-C app Bkool indoor

I don’t speak English and I will use the translator.

In the past, the bkool indoor app had the option of turning ANT + to ANT + FE-C.

Now friends can’t make it.
Because the BKOOL app updated yesterday.
And promptly can not connect to Zwift.

I looked for some solutions here, but to no avail.
Any topics that help?


i have the same problem with bkool smart pro 2

same here :frowning:

Has anyone tried using the Trainerroad app?
because there they have the conversion from ant + to ant + FE-C.
But I couldn’t use it for being paid.

I’ve got the same problem. Have bkool commented at all? Going to check their site next…

I borrowed a bkool pro2 from a friend, but I think his was already converted to FEC.
we will have to wait for some update.

If someone has the trainer Road, I think you can do the conversation! I wanted someone to take the test.

I’ve been using it with FEC (I did have to do the FEC activation back in early 2018 with version 2.x of the simulator) for over 18 months with Zwift. It stopped working recently and seems to have coincided with the new bkool software.

The weird thing is, I’m sure I only downloaded the latest simulator AFTER I saw a problem with Zwift.

understand ! I already installed several previous versions to try to do the conversion of FEC.
But bkool Unlogged from previous versions, you install but when you log in, the screen does not move into the program.

Is it intentional to use the bkool app only?

No I don’t think so. They must want to support Zwift or they can forget selling any more trainers.

I also just got the reply from David that you pasted above. I replied asking why my previously working trainer has suddenly stopped talking to Zwift.

I also asked what this toolkit is, is it something a customer uses or a developer like Zwift will need to use.

I also asked what is happening with Bluetooth support in Zwift. They should be working together to make that happen because the lack of iOS support is painful and losing them customers.

A sadness
who loses is bkool herself.

I work with sales of bkool and tacx.
At the moment bkool’s sales fell a lot because of that.
they want bkool, and they want zwift.

hello, after contacting bkool support, this is their answer.

Thanks for your message. Bkool Pro, Pro2 and Bkool Go trainers can broadcast in ANT+ FE-C protocol, and be used with any other compatible simulator or device. We will shortly release an update of our app Bkool Toolkit to get this change done:

Please be patient until this update is published.

See you at Bkool,

Bkool Team.

we just have to wait for the update:frowning_face:

I also received this announcement from them!
Let’s wait.

I also got that reply from them. No sign of the new Toolkit app yet. And why has the trainer stopped working on ANT-FEC? I thought this was a capability that you turned on once and it just worked.

maybe they took people out to use the bkool platform, because to use zwift you just needed the FEC, right?
But it was a shot in the foot of bkool, nobody wants to use their app.
I’m using Rouvy while they don’t get this ■■■■.

I heard some people are using BLE and it’s working on zwift!

Bonjour, je dispode d’un smart pro. même probléme que vous. et comment utiliser le ble depuis un smart pro … ? impossible de le détécter…

did you recently buy yours?
if purchased less than 1 month ago.
We are meriting from Bkool to release update to fix this.

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UPDATE from Bkool:

It will be available probably next week.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

See you at Bkool,

Bkool Team

what great news !!!
please!! We are looking forward to this update!
Will it be for the app BKOOL TOOLKIT? firmware