Bkool smartpro black - no connect zwift

Hi guys !

Buy a smart - bkool smart PRO black -
It is updated in its latest version,
I tried to connect it to zwift by cell phone (samsung), you can’t find it as a controller.
I tried connected by the notebook (by bluetooh and ant +), also not found as a controller.

Can anyone with that same smart get it?

![WhatsApp Image 2020-03-26 at 06.52.44|236x500]

I believe you need to enable Ant+ FE-C mode on the Bkool Smart Pro to allow Zwift to see it as a controllable trainer. The instructions from Bkool are here:

Is this what you have tried already?

Also, I think it will only work as a controllable device via Ant+. It doesn’t allow control from Zwift via bluetooth

thank you very much for the instructions! I will do that and give you feedback.

OK ! I have usb ant + to use! thank you again.

the website says firmware version 3.25 to release the FE-C.

but in the toolkit the latest version of bkool pro black is at 3.16.

What happens if you install the Bkool simulator, is there any option to upgrade the firmware from that?

I’d be interested to know if you get this working as I have a friend with the same problem.

unsuccessfully ! I can’t find bkool pro smart as a controller.

hi, i have the same problem. on bkool toolkit i have 3.16 release, so i tried to upgrade to 3.25 but no result. still in 3.16. 2 days ago there was no problem.

any news?

Hello ! I have news! a friend in another topic helped.
I’ll get the link for you to follow step by step what I did and it worked. ! wonderful !


:+1: :boom:

Hi, I have the same problem. In bkool toolkit I have version 3.16, so I tried to update to 3.25 but couldn’t. Bkool tolkit says it is the latest version and does not update to 3.25.

Hello Friend.
follow what this guy explains.
download the bkool app on the notebook in the version that has the link,
install … and follow the instructions! I got it !

Thank you very much for your indications. Problem solved. :+1:

This is great, thanks! I managed to translate the Spanish instructions into English for my friend and we have successfully updated their Bkool Pro to work on Zwift now! Here is my version of them:

  1. Uninstall the Bkool simulator software
  2. Donwload the old version from here:
  1. Install the software, but don’t run it yet!
  2. Find and open a file called version.dat
  • In windows it is here C:\Program Files (x86)\Bkool Indoor\BkoolIndoor_Data\StreamingAssets
  • On a mac it is here: Find the Bkool application in “Applications”, right-click to bring up the menu and select “Show package contents”, Navigate to: Contents > Resources > Data > StreamingAssets > version.dat
  1. Edit the file so that the number in it is “5.14” (i.e. the latest version) instead of “3.53” (On the Mac I had to make a copy of the file, edit that, then delete the original and replace it with my new version - there may be a better way but I’m not used to working on Macs)
  2. Open the Bkool simulator and hopefully it won’t prompt you to update it since we’ve tricked it in to thinking it is the latest version
  3. Go to the Pair Devices section and find the Bkool trainer - hopefully you should see the option to enable Ant+ FE-C mode, click this
  4. You might get a message to say that the update failed but this wasn’t actually true in my case - try loading up Zwift and hopefully it should appear as a controllable device
  5. Ride!
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Hi, I did all the steps and when I connect the bkool using the bkool simulator (ANT+) doesn’t ask me for any update (current version is 3.04) so I cannot enabled ANT+FE-C and of course no luck with zwift… any suggestion? I’m dessesperate…