Problems pair bkool Go / Pro2 Zwift ant+ FE-C app Bkool indoor

is for the bkool application (win/mac)

It’s fixed. New version of bkool toolkit app released today will update your trainer to 3.25 firmware and Zwift will then work. I just tried it.

great news !!

Quelle modèle de Home trainer ?
Vous pouvez nous dire la manipulation à faire au complet ?

J’ai un Smart Pro 2

Mon français est très mauvais :wink:

Install this

It will scan for your trainer
When the phone and trainer are nearby (bluetooth connection) it should find it and prompt you to update the firmware on the trainer.
Ceci prend deux ou trois minutes
The app will say “finished” but if you try to tap on the same trainer again without doing a “reset list” it will still have the old firmware version listed. That’s just a bug, it doesn’t refresh its data about the trainer after finishing the upgrade. Vous n’êtes pas obligé de mettre à jour à nouveau

Zwift should then work again.

I did the toolkit update in my iphone and then paired with bkool pro 2 but said the firmware is up to date. So, no connection to Zwift yet in my case. :frowning:

What version of firmware does it say you have installed?

Firmware in bkool roller is 3.19

I wonder if there are language / country specific versions of the firmware. Mine was 3.19 and it prompted me to upgrade to 3.25 which works.

what do you mean reset list? how do I do that ?
you mean, after completing the firmware upgrade,
turn it off and on again that will work on zwift?

maybe i trye it too early. Will try late afternoon once back at home

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There is an option in the app to “reset results” of its list of trainers it can see, which makes it update its data about the trainer. You do NOT have to do it.
The trainer should already have restarted itself as part of the upgrade. I did not need to power it down or anything. I just started zwift after the upgrade was done and it found the trainer immediately.

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Looking forward to taking the test today! thanks !
go zwift!

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rob, i use BKOOL GO, will it work for him?

I saw that you use bkool pro2!

Is there a way to update the firmware without using Bluetooth? My iPhone won’t even detect the trainer in the app. :frowning:

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The PC software used to be able to update it but not sure if the latest version can. I think it did that over ant+

works perfectly

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It appears that it can not update the firmware through ant+. Does anyone know how I might be able to update the firmware if my bluetooth is not working on my trainer?

I would test bluetooth by seeing if Zwift will see it as a dumb power trainer (Search in the top left device category - which should work over Bluetooth, it’s only the smart trainer function that needs device specific support that Zwift doesn’t support with bkool) and if it doesn’t show up there either I would do a warranty claim. What phone are you using?