Any ideas if you  will  support 

BKOOL Smart GO ??



Hi Fabio,

If the Bkool Smart Go transmits its power data over ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart then it will already work in Zwift.


thanks for the answer… 

power is not enough… (we are not in 2010 !)


your  software dont  modify the resistance… or  any other
parameter of the trainer…


for sure is not full supported as  many other trainers…


Hi Fabio,

This sounds like an issue specific to that trainer. I would contact BKOOL for additional support as Zwift uses the ANT+ FE-C open standard and only uses the data that the trainer itself tells us.

Additionally, make sure the trainer is connected as both power source and controllable trainer. That may help.


well… ive contacted  bkool

and the answer  is :

The trainer its compatible with every service.


of course my trainer  works  great with bkool  software…  and dont have any  issues.


sorry to have bothered you…

ive lost too much time and understud that you dont 
want to support this trainer… WOULD BE MORE HONEST TO SAY



Hope this thread will help  the bkool go trainer users… at the least 

is a clear answer


On my bkool smart pro I had to enable the FE-C protocol for compatability with 3rd party apps.  Did you do that.  There is a KB on the Zwift site for the pro but I would hope it’s the same process assuming the go model supports it.


The go does support the same procedure:

ANT+ FE-C protocol
The Pro trainer, if updated to its latest firmware version, and the Go model can also be used with any other simulator compatible with the ANT+ FE-C protocol.

Follow these steps to switch to the ANT+ FE-C protocol:

  • Go to Bkool Indoor > Settings > Pairing devices manually.

  • A list of devices will be shown, including the trainer.

  • Click on the blue button to change to the ANT+ protocol.

  • Check the box to the right and then click “Apply”.

If your Classic trainer was made before August 2014, a firmware update is available that will allow the trainer to transmit using the ANT+ FE-C protocol so it can be used with other compatible simulators. The Bkool Indoor simulator will guide you through the update.

If it was made after later (no AC connector at rear), the latest firmware version published already incorporates that feature.

Hey Joe martin, how do you like the bkool trainer so far, I was considering getting the smart go. It will be my first trainer, currently borrowing a cycleops fluid.

I’ve really like it.  Works great with Zwift.  Haven’t had any issues with it at all.

If anyone’s having issues updating BKOOL Smart Go trainer, submit a ticket to BKOOL support. They have a bug in their software that causes the function to change the trainer to ANT+ FE-C. 

They have a beta version you can use to make the update.

Per support: