Connecting to Bkool pro 2

Hello All,

Everything I’ve searched online seems to be for older issues that have been solved a while ago in earlier versions. I was using my bkool pro 2 with the Bkool simulator (through laptop with ant+) and it was able to control the simulator without issue.

I’ve now been trying to do this with Zwift and it simply can’t see the trainer (it’s a recent version so is using FE-C which I know was an issue on older versions). If I use Bluetooth it can connect, but then it can’t control it so I’d obviously rather go through ant+ but it’s having none of it. I can literally switch between simulators on the laptop and bkool works and zwift doesn’t. I’ve turned everything on and off many times with no success, that it works with bkool rules out lots of possible issues so I’m out of ideas, do you know what it might be?

Is it similar to this issue: Problems pair bkool Go / Pro2 Zwift ant+ FE-C app Bkool indoor

Read the last couple of post about the fix coming.


That looks like it could well be it, I guess the update was just timed badly with me moving to zwift. Thanks so much, I’ll keep an eye out for the fix.

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Pour Windows 10, il faut mettre à jour le bkool via l application bkool toolkit.
Laisser faire l appli et tout fonctionne avec la clé ant+ sur zwift.

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