Resistance issue

Using the bkool smart trainer. It does not appear to be changing resistance when I am climbing or descending. The speed varies appropriately but my resistance does not seem to change appropriately.  Suggestions? 


Hi Christopher - 

Are you pairing your trainer in both the Power and Controllable Trainer categories when you start your session? And are you selecting a workout when you start, or using the Ride button?

Hi Lindsay, I am having this same issue. I see your questions in response to Christopher but don’t see anything else. What is the proper pairing method to get the Bkool to change resistance with the application?

I use the BKool Pro and actually had the same problem with my first ride…

You need to ensure that Power Source, Cadence and Controllable Trainer are all paired. Once you have these paired up it will work properly.


i have the same problem. what can i do?