Controllable Trainer Pairing

Does anyone know why Zwift can find my Kickr Snap and all other sensors except the Controllable Trainer? Thanks!

Are Sasja,

Are you using Bluetooth or ANT+? Bluetooth does not, yet, support controllable trainers (but we’re working on it).

Thanks for the update Eric,

what exactly will be different with controllable trainer (i’ve got the kickr, but connect via bluetooth, so can’t use controllable trainer setup)

I assume it’s resistance on hills on free rides, correct?

Are things going to change for workouts as well?? I am coming from trainerroad and I think workouts on zwift are unfortunately only half as good, as Cadence doesn’t seem to be correct, nor does ERG mode work the same way :frowning:

Is Bluetooth available now on android, I went on multiple site and got different answers for controllable trainer (vortex smart)

My trainer is still not found for the controllable trainer.