Auto selection of controllable trainer

Hi, has something happened in a recent release of Zwift ?

Before I had to choose my kickr as the the controllable trainer and if I unpaired it then it would never auto select it.

Now it auto selects the kickr as the controllable trainer regardless.

So most rides I have to unpair it before I set off.

Can this be fixed please.

I’d expect a trainer to stay paired if i paired it and stay unpaired if I so choose.


Same. I often run Trainerroad on my tablet and have it control my trainer doing one of their workouts. I then ride Zwift using my PC. I often have to manually unpair the trainer. Seems to work okay provided I use my power meter as the power source but if I choose to use my trainer as the power source then every time I start Zwift it assumes I also want it as a controllable trainer.

Thanks for the heads up all, I’ll look into this.

@Nigel_Doyle has this only been happening since the latest update for you too?


I do prefer the current behavior over what we maybe used to have – that the trainer (power source and controllable trainer) always had to be manually selected even when it’s the same trainer we’ve used every time for the last 200+ rides. I prefer Zwift to always default to the same sensors we used last time, and let us manually change that if we need to.

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I agree.

It is even so that if you ride with the controllable traininger un-paired, ride for a bit, and then press A during a ride, it may automatically search for an re-pair the controllable trainer if you are to slow to get out of the pairing screen again.

The problem has been there for the past couple of versions (Windows version). I noticed it September 20 but could be older than that.

Seems fixed in the latest version.


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Sorry I take that back. Was fine the first time after the new version. The next two times it auto selected the trainer when it shouldn’t.

This new behavior (feature ??) is annoying. The devices should stay paired or unpaired based on our last session.

Instead, I have to remember to go in and unpair controllable trainer whenever I’m doing workouts where I control the trainer with another app/device (e.g., Garmin head unit, Tacx utility app, TrainerRoad, etc…)

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Anyone from Zwift here ?

Still happening and VERY annoying.



@Vincent any update ? Thanks

App should remember last option for each known trainer/power meter. I have Tacx Neo, many bike power meters and my wife’s Tacx Vortex in my room. When my wife is riding with Vortex (she use it like a dumb trainer simulating 0 slope, only reads power), I can not switch app on, because it is looks for any trainers and switch them to control state. It makes my wife very angry, because resistance is too high for her :slight_smile:

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This is a code that’s currently in the game as intended, but we will be reviewing it. I’ll keep everyone posted, thank you for writing about this!

Thanks for the response.

I assume you are doing this to make it easy for non tech people to get going ???

If so perhaps it auto selects for the first time only when it sees a new device or put in some advanced menu options ?


There may be some options we’re considering but I don’t have all the details on such a decision unfortunately :frowning:

I have the same issue… kickr once selected as controllable trainer, unselecting it doesn’t seem to unpair it, and apple tv complains about no more connections available when I try to pair my powertap pedals. The trainer is in use on the other bike and I can’t unplug it, so I m just sitting here…

AppleTV, Bluetooth, pair controllable trainer, … unpairing doesn’t actually releases the trainer. If I open the prefs file on another machine, it has the kickr still as controllable… how hard can it be to just remove it from the pairing? this can’t be by design…

You can unpair it, but you will have to do so before every ride.

Try unplugging your Apple TV for 5min. The power up and check if Zwift still has the pairing. I could be wrong but I think it will have forgotten all of your devices (i.e., power cycle cleared the cache).

Yesterday I did a complete factory reset with updates from my AppleTV and it still auto connected. So I guess zwift stores the devices in iCloud or something like that…

Unselecting the trainer doesn’t actually release the Bluetooth connection… that’s the issue…

Zwift, can you please just fix this.


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Can you please raise a diff forum request for this.

The issue I have is nothing todo with Apple TV - it’s just standard behaviour with ANT+ etc

When you finish any ride rather than just saving the ride, Save the ride and then actually log out of your account. That normally works for me.