Auto selection of controllable trainer

(Graham Berks) #1

Hi, has something happened in a recent release of Zwift ?

Before I had to choose my kickr as the the controllable trainer and if I unpaired it then it would never auto select it.

Now it auto selects the kickr as the controllable trainer regardless.

So most rides I have to unpair it before I set off.

Can this be fixed please.

I’d expect a trainer to stay paired if i paired it and stay unpaired if I so choose.


(Nigel Doyle) #2

Same. I often run Trainerroad on my tablet and have it control my trainer doing one of their workouts. I then ride Zwift using my PC. I often have to manually unpair the trainer. Seems to work okay provided I use my power meter as the power source but if I choose to use my trainer as the power source then every time I start Zwift it assumes I also want it as a controllable trainer.

(Vincent W.) #3

Thanks for the heads up all, I’ll look into this.

@Nigel_Doyle has this only been happening since the latest update for you too?

(Steve Ellis) #4


I do prefer the current behavior over what we maybe used to have – that the trainer (power source and controllable trainer) always had to be manually selected even when it’s the same trainer we’ve used every time for the last 200+ rides. I prefer Zwift to always default to the same sensors we used last time, and let us manually change that if we need to.

(Jesper Rosenlund Nielsen [ZwiftHacks]) #5

I agree.

It is even so that if you ride with the controllable traininger un-paired, ride for a bit, and then press A during a ride, it may automatically search for an re-pair the controllable trainer if you are to slow to get out of the pairing screen again.

The problem has been there for the past couple of versions (Windows version). I noticed it September 20 but could be older than that.

(Graham Berks) #6

Seems fixed in the latest version.


(Graham Berks) #7

Sorry I take that back. Was fine the first time after the new version. The next two times it auto selected the trainer when it shouldn’t.

(Lin Alan) #8

This new behavior (feature ??) is annoying. The devices should stay paired or unpaired based on our last session.

Instead, I have to remember to go in and unpair controllable trainer whenever I’m doing workouts where I control the trainer with another app/device (e.g., Garmin head unit, Tacx utility app, TrainerRoad, etc…)