Tacx Flux Smart Trainer not locating "controllable trainer"

Hello everyone,

I’ve completed a few rides on Zwift this past week and the first few days it was no problem for my trainer to identify with zwift via zwift mobile link (bluetooth from trainer to PC) and connect through power source, cadence & controllable trainer. However, last 3 rides or so, I have been experiencing real difficulties when it comes to finding “controllable trainer” in the program and so I cannot use ERG mode. The first two of those I eventually managed, after massively restarting the bluetooth and apps but for the third time, today, I could not get it working at all. 

Can anyone tell me what might be causing this issue particularly? 

Kind regards,

Well it appears that I may have found the solution. I turned on Airplane mode and going through the process after that the trainer located all three options, i.e., power source, cadence & the ever missing controllable trainer. Now to see if it’ll be stable like that for future rides. Hopefully!

I’m having this exact same problem. Airplane mode just essentially resets Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Still no help… :persevere::persevere::persevere:

I’ve been having the same issue for a while now.

What mobile phone do you use? Me Samsung S6 Edge. 


I use a Samsung S6 but my partner uses a Huawei something or other that also has the same trouble. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s an issue with the trainer itself…

I’ve just received a USB ANT+ Dongle. I’ll check with that tonight.


With the Ant+ dongle, all devices (also the controllable trainer) are detected in an instant.