Zwift w New kickr core Not controllable trainer

Just bought a kickr core, and it appears that it is not pairing as a controllable trainer.

In my setup, there is no ERG bar or difficulty slider.
Zwift never changes the resistance level as I ride.

What’s gone wrong here? Any idea as to how to fix this?

Hi @Robert_Klatzkin, welcome to the forums, we will need more info about your setup, what devices you use, how you connect the trainer to the device, etc…

I am using wahoo kickr core and connecting with my iPhone or iPad.
My setup doesn’t look like everyone else’s. I’ve attached a photo, which lead me to conclude it’s not attaching as a controllable trainer.

Can you post a picture of the pairing screen? What happens if you click on “search” under controllable? The kickr core should be discoverable, unless it is connected to another device?

Make sure any other app is force closed that might be stealing the signal, like the wahoo app for example. If using the iPad, make sure the iPhone is not connected and vice-versa.

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Thanks Mike. I had no idea I had to hit the “controllable” buttton. that was too obvious. Thanks for your help.

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