Issues with Wahoo KICKR (100% resistance)


I just bought a Wahoo KICKR '14 and am trying to use it with Zwift. I am able to pair the KICKR to Zwift without any issues and can also calibrate. But when starting a ride in Zwift I’m unable to cycle, the resistance is 100%, like to KICKR is completely locked up.

I’m not facing this issue when starting a training in the Wahoo Fitness app. Anyone have any experience with this and tips?

Hi Sander,
Have you updated the firmware on your trainer? Usually done through the Wahoo app.

Also, is it paired under power so that your trainer is controllable? Do you calibrate through Zwift or through the Wahoo app?

Hi Bob,

Firmware is the latest version (1.5.68). I calibrated the KICKR using both Zwift and Wahoo. Not sure what you mean by ‘paired under power’ if this means if the KICKR is actually plugged in to the wall then yes.

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is there a way for you to double check that Zwift is identifying and selecting your specific trainer when it connects?

Correct device is identified when connecting: https :// (unfortunately can’t embed images or add links here it seems… remove the space in the link to see it)

And it is “controllable”?

What do you exactly mean by this?

After you select “power source” the next screen should indicate that your trainer is “controllable “

His image shows it is connected as Controllable.

Just for the grins of it, since you are using Bluetooth (based on your photo), try connecting through the Companion App. If you have not already done so, install the Zwift Companion App on your phone and link it to your account. When you get to the pairing screen, start the CA. Once the phone CA is connected to Zwift, in the upper right corner of your computer pairing screen you’ll see a cog icon (at least that is what is appears like on a Win10 PC, don’t know what it looks like on other device). Click it and change from “Use Built-in Bluetooth” to “Use Zwift Companion”. See if that works for you.

If that does not work, next test would be to install the Zwift full app on your phone and see if running Zwift on the phone connect correctly and controls the Kickr.

These are each steps to try to narrow down where the problem may be.

Hi Sander, I experience your problem with Smart and Snap, after a lot of experiments I realise that my Wi-Fi booster was to close to Apple TV, I move it couple meters and problem solved.

Well, after many many hours of troubleshooting and trying different approaches (including all those that Joel mentioned) I learned that you can also do a ‘factory spindown’ in the Wahoo Fitness app. Turns out this was the key to solving all my issues.

I want to like thank everybody for their reply’s and assistance!

Kind regards,

@Sander_van_Delden that is fantastic to hear. Glad the forum could be helpful in getting you up and running. I’ve found this is a great community for helping each other out.

Happy Zwifting …