Kickr Wahoo Trainer does Not work when starting training

I can Train in Wahoo Fitness, and also can calibrate in Zwift. But when i Want to Start Training in Zwift, i just see my Avatar Not moving and also cant ride because the resistance is too strong.
Does anyone have some help for me?
Running on IOS and also Windows, same problem

How are you pairing the Kickr? Please read the following post as well.

Also, don’t use Zwift to calibrate the Kickr, use the Wahoo Utility app.

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Via Bluetooth

this sounds like you aren’t connected to Zwift, Bluetooth can only connect to one device at a time, make sure all other devices are powered off, don’t connect to the PC’s bluetooth, let Zwift handle it.

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But I am connected. As i Said, calibrating is possible…hmmm