Kickr connected to Zwift but avatar not moving

I Have a new wahoo kicker and when I originally started using it in November I had it connected to a PC and it was functioning properly with Zwift.
Eventually it got wonky and my avatar would stop and I’d have to reboot it. Then I avatar would not move at all even though I was connected. I switch to Apple TV and no change. All my hardware and software are up-to-date on wahoo Apple TV and Zwift. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Also Their support number no longer works nor can you email them. Does anyone else have a way to contact customer support?

Hi @Johnny_Lychak, welcome to the forums. Do you have the wahoo app on your phone? Do you get wattage and cadence readings in the app? Just trying to rule out the trainer as the issue first.

Thanks for your reply. Yes I already went through that troubleshooting. The trainer does connect to the wahoo app and it works normally. Within disconnected from that app turn off all of their Bluetooth devices connect to the Zwift app and still nothing. I’ve rebooted and uninstalled and reinstalled the app as well.

So it works with the wahoo app, and doesn’t connect with your apple TV or PC?

Have you tried connecting to Apple TV through the companion app?

Have you tried installing zwift on your phone and trying that to see if it works?

Hi Mike

I have tried installing Zwift on my phone and it does not work. I have not tried using the companion app to connect although I will try that. It does
not work with my apple tv or my pc.
I will also try using a different app like Training Peaks and see if that works.

If you can, post a screen shot of the pairing screen from your apple TV and PC

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