Connection with Kickr Snap

Zwift shows that I am connected to Kickr Snap, but nothing is happening when I go to ride.

Hi Chuck, it’s hard to answer a question like this without more details about what you run the game on and how you pair your trainer. A screenshot of your pairing screen would be helpful. Has it ever worked for you or is this your first attempt?

A good first step would be to shut off Zwift, run the Wahoo Fitness app, and try to calibrate the trainer. If that doesn’t work then you talk to Wahoo support. Don’t use Zwift to calibrate your trainer.

I am currently using an Ipad. I lost resistance at the end of a ride the other day, and now there is nothing. But it does show I am connected. I have already tried shutting off power and have connected with Wahoo and I get some resistance there, but is still erratic.

If you can’t complete the calibration process in the Wahoo app then it’s time to talk to Wahoo support. If you have a second device such as a smart phone you could also repeat your tests on that instead of the tablet. Just don’t leave Zwift installed on both or you may run into other problems.

Ok, Thanks.

Can u check ur fly wheel? There should be some kind of sticker on it. If u lost it, then you have no power while riding (happened to me too).

@Chuck_Kopetsky, Welcome to Zwift forums!
I’m Fernanda, part of the support team of Zwift. Thanks for using this space to share your concerns.

It’s great that you run the trainer on the Wahoo App too, as @Paul_Southworth says, if the trainer resistance is affected in the manufactured App, this seems like an issue with the trainer itself, I just have one question, did you try to calibrate the trainer in the Wahoo App? Or only perform a ride?
If the calibration was completed, and the resistance is not accurate in Wahoo either, you can contact Us at We can help you in the process of contacting Wahoo too.

Thanks Andreas, my optical sensor was laying on the floor behind the kickr snap. I re-attached it and everything is good again. Much appreciated!!! Ride on!!!

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