Kickr Snap failed calibration on Zwift and other issues

Hi Zwifters,

The past few months I had been struggling with my ERG failed from time to time on zwift - I have a Wahoo Kickr Snap purchased new in 2021 and I ensure Zwift, Zwift Companion App, Wahoo Firmware, are all up to date every time.

I have a Wahoo cc cadence meter clipped to my shoe and Tickr heart rate monitor. Everything is connected via Zwift Companion App by bluetooth. When it works well it works well, but sometimes if (1) I idled too long before starting a workout/ride (2) I walk away then come back, my cadence meter will disconnect and it causes issue to initiate correct ERG in workouts and proper resistance in free rides. The thing is it will show connection issue on Zwift Companion App, but on the Zwift game screen when I choose “pair” tab it still shows connected…I had to restart the program, which is a bit annoying but ok. If anyone has experienced the similar situation please advise how you get it fixed.

The most annoying thing now is that after reinstall & reupdate everything for a few times, my trainer can never succeed using Zwift spindown. It always gave me annoyingly high resistance so that I could barely go to 23mph, and then after my wheel totally stopped spinning, it still shows like 1 mph on screen and causing the whole process to fail. I know it is recommended to use the manufacturer’s app to do calibration, but my hubby has a Wahoo Kickr Core and it always seems to work well for his trainer using Zwift calibration, and it never failed to keep the ERG / resistance properly when it is connected to apps.

I am tired of reinstalling everything for a million times just to make it work for like, 2 weeks before issues start to appear again. Does anyone have similar experiences? Is it the Kickr Snap’s problem or is it a bug with Zwift? I had contacted Zwift support a few times and these issues keep on coming back. Before I run outside to buy a Kickr Core, I just want to know for certain.

Thank you all.