Wahoo Fitness App release with major bug


This is not a Zwift issue, but a Wahoo Fitness app issue, which may affect Zwift users like myself.
I have a Kickr SNAP, worked flawlessly with Zwift for more than 2 years, until yesterday.

Downloaded the Wahoo Fitness app (which is used to control Kickr and spindowns) and noticed that two options were selected and could not be unselected no matter what I tried.
Control w/ANNT+ Power Meter
ERG Mode speed Simulation

I don’t have an external power meter and have never used the ERG mode speed simulation.

When I started a Zwift Workout, the power fluctuated constantly even though I was pedaling at a constant cadence.

Can these two selections cause this problem?
everything worked fine two days ago prior to the Wahoo Fitness app update.
Anyone else experience this issue
Contacted Wahoo and was told they opened a ticket with their developers team and will hopefully
But in the interim I can’t use the unit in this state with Zwift
Any ideas? I have paired and unpaired the kicker
Powered on and powered off unit
And uninstalled and reinstalled Wahoo Fitness app

What two options was selected and how can this impact Zwift users.

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I have exactly the same problem since the Wahoo update.

Did you get a response from their support?


I have been in contact with Wahoo via email, and just about an hour ago I called Wahoo support and spoke to a tech.

I was told that Wahoo is aware of the problem and is working on a Wahoo Fitness app update to resolve this problem Unfortunately, fix probably won’t be released until sometime next week.

Not good and not happy about it since this caused my Wahoo Kickr to be unusable with Zwift which I use quite often.

For me personally, the weather out here in the San Francisco area has been pleasant and I have been able to ride outdoors after work for my workouts, but definitely sun setting earlier with daylight fading fast.

The tech did tell me that not all users are experiencing the issue, but I would think quite a few are having this problem.

I had tried almost all the possible fixes that the tech suggested but none worked for me.

Uninstall and reinstall app

Uninstall app and try Zwift without app

Factory spindown

The one suggestion I did not try was installing the app on a different iPhone and then trying to use Kickr and Zwift. I might try this suggestion tonight using my son’s iPhone

Overall I understand these problems can come up, but EXTREMELY disappointed that Wahoo released this update without sufficient testing and validation.


I have a Kickr SNAP too and had problems earlier this week with my power being all over the place. But as I just stopped using ERG for workouts, I thought it was just me who couldn’t keep a very stable power.

What I just don’t understand is how the Wahoo app update influences this into Zwift. Because I don’t run the Wahoo app when I’m runnnig Zwift? Or is it something in the background that’s running it?
Because actually I am able to use Zwift via an ANT+ dongle in my laptop and just ignore my phone all together.

Either way, thanks for posting this here, so I can be alert about updates to the app and then monitor if my power readings are better. If they are, I’ll be really happy because doing workouts at the moment is a mental game: stable cadence, no shifting and power fluctuating with huge numbers (30W spikes/drops easily).

Same question here. I use a 2017 Wahoo KICKR. As of roughly a week ago my Avatar has been clipping in and unclipping frequently before a ride/race when spinning over 60W in Zwift. Power readings also fluctuate more than they should in a ride. Assumed it was a Zwift issue. Any idea how this could link to Wahoo since the sensors directly connect to Zwift through ANT+ if I understand things correctly.


The recent Wahoo Fitness app has a problem that defaults to ON, the “Control w/ANT+ Power Meter” And will not allow the setting to be turned off.

As I understand the problem, because this setting is on, the Kickr cannot/does not transmit power data to Zwift.

Major miss on Wahoo’s part

As soon as I attempt to turn off this setting, it immediately turns on again. See screen capture below.

I have tried all the Wahoo tech support suggestions including loading the Wahoo Fitness app on a different phone. Same problem

I wonder many Wahoo Kickr/Zwift users are experiencing this problem

Wahoo tech support told me the problem does not affect 100% users

If any experts out there have a different interpretation of the problem I’d be interested to learn


Just dropping in to say that i also have this problem. I just got my Kickr and was thinking good was the norm and was thinking about returning it. I’m gonna give it at least until the next app update to make a decision now.

My ‘control w/ ANT+ power meter’ button was off, I could toggle it to ‘on’ but also ‘off’ again.

So no problems there for me.

Will try to contact Wahoo though, as the big fluctuations in Power are annoying (mentally) during workouts and I haven’t found another good explanation on why big fluctuations can happen while on same cadence and same gear…


Based on the defective app update that was sent and how Wahoo is not addressing the issue in a satisfactory time frame, If I was in your situation I would definitely 100% return the unit and insist on a full refund.

Those of us affected by this basically are unable to use the Kickr.

Wahoo’s defective app update made my perfectly working unit unusable!

I have lost all confidence in Wahoo products

Best regards,

Craig Maxwell

Mine seems to work pretty well still with TrainerRoad (where I do 75% of my indoor rides), so I can just wait and see what happens. I got a pretty screamin’ deal on my Kickr, so it’ll definitely be worth waiting until the last minute to make a decision on a return. If I return it, I’ll have to pay substantially more to pick up a Saris H3.