Calibration problem

Anyone having trouble with their kickr regarding calibration. Had to reinstall zwift on Monday as it kept freezing on the pairing screen , that problem has sorted its self but I can’t calibrate my kickr . I can do a spin down but after I stop peddling it says ‘ failed ‘ due to timeout !! I also get the same results on the wahoo app . Everything was working good 2 days before the freeze on the pairing screen :man_shrugging: was able to do the semi final on WTRL today but was struggling to pedal 100% due to the watts not moving down , sometimes cadence was 110+ on screen but I was only doing around 85 rpm .

which version kickr is it? some of them are now auto calibrating

calibrate from the wahoo app brother, if it needs manually calibrating

edit: i did not read the thread. unplug it for a minute or so and then plug it back in, it might help, it might not but it only takes a minute to do it. then if it’s inside warranty, email wahoo and if it isn’t, email them anyway because wahoo can be pretty good about that stuff. if not, try a factory reset. it really does just sound like a case of turning it off and then turning it back on again, the 21st century version of “hit it until it works”

Sounds like you need to talk to Wahoo support since it won’t calibrate in the Wahoo app. Don’t use Zwift to calibrate any trainer unless you have no alternative.

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