Cannot calibrate Wahoo kickr with Apple TV

I am experiencing difficulties with calibration of Zwift with my Wahoo kickr
At first the spanner did not appear so I deleted the app and downloaded again. Now the spanner displays. When go into the spanner to calibrate I reach the 37km and let it freewheel as instructed.
The wheel stops completely but the circle is stuck on 3km and then displays “calibration timeout”
The set up is less than 1 year old and has been working previously.
Any suggestions?

Use the wahoo utility app to calibrate, not the zwift app.

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Thank you, I never knew this existed!

I get “Exactly” the same symptoms and was starting to think there might be something wrong with my trainer - reassuring it is the same!

I then read on the Wahoo help pages that the Kickr (v5) with the latest software does not need the user to do a Spindown calibration at all, as this is automatically done and always active when free-wheeling :grinning: