No calibration option

I have no calibration option on zwift at the moment. I’m using a current apple T.V box and wahoo v5. Can l please have some advice?

Hi @Rob_Reg,

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If you find that the option to calibrate in the Zwift app is missing, we suggest that you calibrate your trainer in the Wahoo app, that you can find in the Apple Playstore, for your mobile device. This will be a more precise calibration than the Zwift app as it’s more tailored for your trainer.

Once you’re done calibrating in the Wahoo app, make sure to unpair your trainer from the Wahoo app so that it pairs back up to Zwift correctly and has no interference from the Wahoo app.

Give that a shot and let us know how it goes.


Wasn’t one of the big selling points of the KICKR v5 when it came out, the fact that it auto-calibrates and therefore doesn’t need to be — and cannot be — calibrated via spindown?
I’m still happily riding a KICKR 2018 for which I do a spindown regularly, but assumed that the Zwift calibration icon wouldn’t appear for non-applicable trainers.