Kickr Snap won't connect since last Zwift App update (v1.20.0)

The kicker snap can connect to Wahoo App, Spin down works, but Zwift App v.1.20.0 won’t find the trainer.
I disable all bluetooth device except for my iPhone. Powered down the Kickr Snap for 30 sec. Zwift doesn’t see the trainer. It sees the cadence and HRM.

Anyone having this same problem? or a solution?
This is really annoying and a bit surprising.

Having problems with Kickr Snap as well. Wattage when biking at normal speeds is in the 600 to 1000 watt range. Tried to calibrate but when I run the spindown test it doesn’t finish- just gives the processing wheel forever. Anyone have an idea of what to do there? Thanks!