Kickr Snap 2017 - No Wrench Icon

(Chris Quigs [MG]) #1


I have a 2017 Kickr snap that I use with FE-C mode, and am having some issues with the power readings (they are about half of what they should be). I did a spindown in the Wahoo app, and am trying to do the same in Zwift to determine what the issue is. Per the website here:

It says that a wrench icon will be there if calibration is an option for my trainer. I do not see this icon, but my trainer is listed in the table at the top, connected via FE-C, and most certainly can be calibrated.

What am I missing? I’m about a ~250W average per workout cyclist, and my power in Zwift is fluctuating between 80-110W no matter how hard I am sprinting.

Any insight would be great. Thanks!

(Cleve Waterman 69y/o) #2

Are BOTH trainer AND power source connected via FE-C?

(Chris Quigs [MG]) #3

That was my problem, thank you Cleve! :slight_smile: I had the power source set to FE-C, but not the Controllable.

Appreciate it!