Spin down icon

Spin down icon not appearing in Home Screen. Can’t calibrate KICKR. I’ve updated Wahoo and Zwift, but icon(wrench) briefly appears then disappears.

Hi @Harry_Grey

If they wrench won’t stay on the screen, then it would be best to calibrate your trainer in the Wahoo app. It will do a more precise calibration there anyway as the Wahoo app is specifically designed for your trainer.

Make sure to unpair from the Wahoo app afterwards so that the signal doesn’t stay paired and will be free to pair back up to Zwift when you’re done.

If you still have issues, please reach out to our support team.

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What version of Kickr do you have? If it’s Gen 5 or beyond, it auto-calibrates - no need for a spin-down calibration. This could explain the missing icon in Zwift. (same for Tacx NEO which auto-calibrates - there simply isn’t a calibration icon)

If that doesn’t describe your trainer then yes, do as @JohnP suggested and use the Wahoo app.

Have. 5.0. Interesting, I had the calibration icon up until about a month ago and then it just disappeared so I thought perhaps something was not quite right. Perhaps due to a wahoo update. I do see it appear and then disappear, but based on what you are saying, my KICKR is auto calibrating so no need to worry.