Kickr Snap Calibration Wrench Missing

I have a bank of 8 Kickr Snaps in a studio setting using ANT+ as the network. I can pair every Snap using the Wahoo FE-C designation but have about 10-20% of the time with no calibration wrench. It is not consistent with regards to which trainer does not have the wrench. I have to unpair and use the Wahoo Fitness app to do the calibration which is extra work in this setting. What’s up!

I have spoken with Wahoo tech support and was surprised to hear they do not know the source of the Zwift calibration protocol. What is the difference? Of course, they recommend always using the Wahoo Fitness App.

Zwift also recommends using Wahoos app for updating, as Zwift is a third party in this situation, and may not have the most accurate calibration information. Zwift recommends using any first party app for calibrating, and calibrating in Zwift if no first party option is available.

Thanks, it’s more work but we do need to be accurate.