the wrench symbol

(Stephen Ramsay) #1

when i turn on zwft and everything is paired up correctly i never get the small wrench symbol next to my paired smart trainer which would allow me to do a calibration in game , any ideas?

(Paul Allen) #2

Not all trainers are able to do calibration within Zwift. Whar trainer do you have?

(Stephen Ramsay) #3

Thanks, I have the new Wahoo kickr

(Paul Allen) #4

How are you connecting it?

(Paul Allen) #5

Here is a link for you:

(Stephen Ramsay) #6

Ant with a boggle in my mac book pro

(Stephen Ramsay) #7

It’s a 2017 kickr which is not listed on the choices in the link you sent me

(Paul Allen) #8

It should work, make sure you are connecting it using FE-C.

(Cary Sporinsky TeamZF ZHR(F)) #9


Run the Wahoo utility and make sure you are all up to date on firmware. As Paul said, the FE-C version is the one to use. “Forget” the Wahoo KickR if you added it.

The wrench will be under Power Source. The FE-C will be added as both Power Source and Controllable.

2017 KickR works fine in Zwift.

Good luck!