Refurbished Wahoo Kickr Pairing issues

Hi, I just got a new to me refurbished Kickr that I can’t seem to pair with Zwift. It’s connected in the Wahoo app correctly as best as I can tell but when I open the Zwift app to pair I can’t get to work. Power Source stays gray the entire time when I open Zwift and there is power to the unit. The speed sensor only sees the Wahoo Rollr and not the Kickr; don’t know if speed sensor is working at all since it’s not pairing. It does see the sensor as it is the same as the cadence unit. The cadence seems to work but not sure it’s working properly since sometimes it doesn’t show an actual cadence even when it says connected.

And, this is without trying ZC to have access to HRM.

Any suggestions how to fix this? I’m looking forward to getting back on the bike after a week off.

Thank you.


Okay, strange thing happened. I was looking at ZA when suddenly the Power icon changed from gray to orange and paired! No idea why since I wasn’t anywhere near the trainer. so in the hope that other things would pair, I ran to the trainer and starter spinning with ZA open. And, magic, they started to pair! Even on the ZA app on my phone as well.

So now, tomorrow I’ll try connecting with ZC to see if I can continue this and get the HRM working as well.

BTW, what’s the icon labeled “resistance” where the speed sensor used to be?


That’s not when the speed sensor used to be, its where “Controllable” used to be. Zwift changed the name to make it clearer that if you don’t have that device paired then you won’t feel any resistance changes because it’s through there that Zwift controls the trainer.

Some devices, for example some heart rate monitors, are happy to pair with multiple platforms - because for them it’s a one-way connection just sending data.

Smart trainers are a bit more picky as they send and receive. So once paired with say Wahoo, they won’t pair with Zwift. And even if you close Wahoo they can be a delay before it will allow a different connection. That may have been your original issue.

Thank you for the explanation. Makes sense. Where was this before? I don’t remember seeing it on the screen. And what happened to the speed sensor?


The speed sensor option is on the initial pairing screen if you don’t have anything paired or even switched on, and you have the option to either pair Power or Speed. So if you have no power meter (including the power meter in/simulated by a trainer) then you can pair a speed sensor.

Resistance is in the yhe same place that Controllable used to be, it’s just been renamed.