Help Wahoo Kickr no longer correctly connects to phone (Android) or computer 2nd day of purchase

I just dropped $1200 on this trainer after being convinced that it was what I needed to train indoors this winter. I got it home and set it up. First i downloaded the Wahoo Utility app and connected it to the Kickr for a spindown test. I tried 4 times and had to update the firmware and finally got it to work.
Then I plugged in my bluetooth usb dongle adapter into my main computer (Windows 10)
After I finally got Zwift and got it installed it finally recognized the Kickr and I was able to ride last night. The spindown didn’t seem correct speed wise but once I was riding on a course it seemed about correct.
Cut to the next day. Suddenly the Wahoo utllity won’t work with my Kickr so I uninstalled it and resinstalled it and still no avail. it says it recognizes the Kickr but will not show speed, wheelspin etc. Basically the kick feels like a 36-28 when I am in a 52-11!
Also the bluetooth shows the wahoo kickr is connected to my computer but it refuses to be recognised by Zwift.
I have done everything I can possibly think of. The Wahoo was left plugged all last night - but I unplugged it and replugged it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my computer bluetooth dongle. I have “forgotten” the wahoo kickr from my phone countless times and reinstalled each time it recognizes the kickr but does not allow me to do the spindown or even register any power or speed.
I have sent in a help desk ticket to Wahoo but I am getting pretty frustrated. I am very technically savvy but it is feeling more and more like I have bought a $1,200 doorstop.
The frustrating part was it worked damn near perfectly just 24 hours ago.
Is there anyone out there - who uses only android and windows 10 - who has had this problem and how did you resolve it? As of now the Kickr is useless.

Thank you.

Have a look here ,it may help

Just get an ANT+ dongle and extension.

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Chris I have gone through the entire article including the wahoo troubleshooting parts. it appears that suddenly (over 24 hours) my phone no longer works with the Wahoo kickr. Even though the machine worked find last night. Again i have connection but there is no power or any way for me to register any type of activity with the kickr. I have previously forgotten every item my phone’s bluetooth has ever known to no avail.
I got a canned reply from Wahoo. does anyone know what type of support they provide? I work 10-12 hr days at an office which is why I bought the trainer in the first place. I would hate to have to deal with this in the night time.

I am not sure I understand. I thought I had one - or what is that which I attached to my computer.
so I have a couple of dumb questions. The ANT+ dongles I see on amazon seem to still have problems.

  1. which one do you use? 2) With Ant are you telling me I don’t have to have the android app to run the Kickr or would it be controlled by the ANT + device. I cannot get the android app to work correctly anymore.


Hi Marshall. Your original post says you are using a bluetooth dongle, not ANT+, there is a difference.
I am far from an expert, but using bluetooth to your computer won’t work.
For the record, I am using a cheap ANT+ dongle from Amazon to connect my computer, works well.

Hi Marshall,

I have never managed to get my Android device running Wahoo Utility to work correctly. I had to borrow an iOS device to perform a spindown and register it. Wahoo support acknowledged there is a bug with Android regarding registering but the whole utility app is slow and unresponsive compared to iOS. They say it’s in the fix queue.

Are you using the Zwift companion app? If you’re on Android it should support ant+ devices easily and obviously Bluetooth. Then there’s no need to Bluetooth to your PC/laptop. Just make sure your companion app device has a strong WiFi signal and on the same network.

You can also perform a spindown within Zwift, sorry if you know this already. I think it may be buggy too, but some have success with it:

Sorry. Edit to post above. Companion app only supports Bluetooth devices. Even though ant+ is native to most android devices.

Wahoo Utility works with both radio specs


Ok I have an update. I appreciate all of your help but at this moment it is still not working.
I went back to the bike store and bought an ANT+ usb device and installed it on my pc. It immediately connected to the Wahoo Kickr in Zwift. So right now in Zwift I have my Wahoo Kickr connected as both power source and controllable. The problem is there is still nothing from either in the game. I can’t do the calibration because Zwift doesn’t register any power/spin at all. I now have a totally different problem. Is there anyone who uses ANT+ with PC who could help?

Marshall, just a quick question to eliminate something silly. Are you by any chance trying to use your bicycle computer indoors while setting this up? If so, try it without. It might be grabbing the signal and two devices can’t at the same time. One would need to be bluetooth and one setup for Ant+.

No My computer is upstairs and off. I only use it when I ride outside.
I made sure to turn everything else off. My phone bluetooth, took out the computer bluetooth dongle etc.
I tried a chat with Zwift and got someone who promptly told me to leave my email address and I am now waiting on them as well.
Does anyone think this unit may be defective or am I just doing everything wrong?That is what is really bothering me. I feel like a complete idiot and almost regret putting out the money at this point. It seems to be working it just doesn’t show power and the resistance is completely too light. it is like the cassette is made of air or something.

It can be quirky getting it setup the first time. For me, devices were competing so I figured I would ask. My home computer, bicycle computer and zwift were all competing for the same signal. Once I got it worked out it was easy.

I am having the same issue. Any resolve?


I ended up sending the kickr back when they informed me that they had already shipped out a replacement.

With the new Kickr I only used ANT+ and it seemed to work. It connected with both power and control but I couldn’t get it to do a spindiwn.

I road for 3 days on Zwift and then suddenly it still connected but no watts and no movement from the rider.

I tried everything and put in a help desk email to Zwift.

Then one day I tried it again and suddenly it has worked for the past 3 days. I still have not tried a spindown because I want a full week without issue.

Honestly as much as I like this device for training, I don’t feel comfortable recommending it to someone else as it is too finicky.

I also ordered an extension cable for the ANT+ dongle.

I briefly considered buying aa Apple TV and using it on my TV with Bluetooth, but I have already sunk too much as it is.

Good luck with your issue and I hope this can help you some.