Zwift - Not what I expected

Newbie here with a Wahoo Kickr Core. When riding (not workout) I expected resistance to increase when going up hills but for a given cadence and gear I get constant power and feel in the pedals but the speed recorded by Zwift increases and decreases with grade. What am I doing wrong?

Do you have the difficulty slider at 50-100%?

I’m going to tag @Gerrie_Delport since he is more knowledgeable with smart trainers.

One requirement is pairing the Kickr as a controllable trainer:

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Yes, I had it paired as Power Source HR, Cadence and Controllable trainer (via Companion App through Apple TV). They all indicated they were connected though the Controllable trainer displayed ‘no signal’. Might try my next ride through my laptop instead to avoid any oddities with the connection via the companion app!

100% difficulty

Well, that will do it. I have been running a kickr core using the companion app for a year and 2k miles without any issues. Make sure it’s correctly paired. It’s tricky with the companion app but that’s your problem. No signal is the same as no connection.

The latest core firmware puts cadence in the trainer so you don’t need to use the companion app anymore. It’s a life saver.

Zwift in the Apple TV still complains that there are not enough Bluetooth connections (I have the latest Kickr firmware) so I still have to use the Companion App. I read that although it now derives Cadence it is still not passed in with the Trainers channel and needs its own connection. You just don’t need a separate cadence sensor.

Went back in without the HR monitor and all working as expected now.

My experience with the latest update is that I can run my tickr and kickr core without using the companion app, the kickr core connection is now the controllable trainer, cadence and power source. What firmware do you have on the core?


It seem like I am a bit late to the party. Look like you got it working.

Yes, my re-test agrees - I guess the Kickr needed a restart after the firmware update as now I don’t need the companion app to have all working.