A round up of the issues I still have

First of all, it largely works very well!
A run down of the equipment I have/use:
Tacx Neo
Tacx Flux
Honor View 10
Asus Z500 Tablet
Favero Assioma DUO Dual-Sided Power Meter Pedals
Lots of different heart rate monitors and cadence sensors

The bugs I have are:
The main one is if the smart trainer is paired (flux or neo) it has to pair with everything (power, control and cadence) and nothing else will work (except HR monitors) - it may pair but shows no signal straight away.
If pedals are paired they have to do cadence too - I cant get any cadence sensors to work with any combination of trainer/power meters

making custom workouts - I can’t type in the time or watts, I can drag the blocks to different sizes
I can’t edit premade custom workouts or add a new one - just copy existing ones and edit those.

switch from zwift to a different app (music apps for example) makes sensors all lose signal - toggling Bluetooth on and off on the phone/tablet seems to get them to pair again. Would be good to be able to select/change music during a workout/ride without this happening.

Graphics are largely fine (better than my slightly old PC to be fair!) but grass seems to cause problems and it looks like the road turns to grass in places (mostly the hilly section in Innsbrook)

Bluetooth keyboards make the screen just go completely blue and unable to type anything - onscreen keyboards are fine - Bluetooth mice are also fine.

I think that is it for now! I’ll keep testing things as and when I can