Tacx Flow & android

Just bought my first smart trainer. Cannot connect the trainer to zwift on android (galaxy s7) with Bluetooth for the controllable roller. I can connect my speed sensor and hr monitor to zwift ok.

I can connect the trainer to the tacx app ok, but the trainer is not listed when I try and connect within zwift. I have turned everything off, restarted bluetooth, etc, but nothing. Very disappointed.

Any ideas?

I’m sorry that you’ve been having issues pairing. In the pairing screen, be sure to select power source so that the smart trainer can pair to the Controllable and Power categories. After that you can proceed to pair additional sensors. Please note that it isn’t possible to pair a smart trainer and a speed sensor at the same time, which may explain why you’re having trouble.

If this doesn’t help, please submit a support ticket so we can get your trainer paired and you can get riding. :slight_smile: