Trainer not recognising pedals turning

Hi there,

Using tacx flow through android.
Tonight my zwift and tacx app are all fully connected to my trainer through Bluetooth.
In both apps it isn’t responding to me pedalling!!
Don’t think it’s a connectivity problem.
Anyone came across this??

Bluetooth only allows one connection to any device or app at a time. Disconnect the trainer from your phone and the Tacx app before starting Zwift and it should work. Do not open the Tacx app will you are using Zwift.

Maybe I’m wrong but I read somewhere that a Bluetooth sensor is only able to connect a single device at once. I use ant+.

Cheers I will try that. I was trying to calibrate before zwifting.

To do that you would open the Tacx app and calibrate your trainer and then close the Tacx app and open Zwift.

That’s what I was mate, but just not picking anything up. So frustrating!

Did you figure anything out? I’m having the same issues. Exactly the same. Connection is fine but no further prompts on the screen after “start pedaling”.

Finally spotted your post buried in this thread, apologies for not seeing it sooner.

I’m seeing you connected the trainer and played successfully via an iPad, but not via an iPhone, is that correct? Do you still need assistance sorting out your device setup?

By any chance, are you trying to run both the Zwift game app and the Zwift Companion app on the same iPhone?